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200 North Main St | Bloomington, Illinois | 309-827-0428
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Cotton’s Village Inn 401 N. Main St., Bloomington

Melton “Cotton” McNabney and his wife Millie took over management of this downtown eatery in 1948. Located in the basement of the three-story building on the northeast corner of Main and Monroe streets, some old-timers might remember Millie McNabney’s ham loaf, creamed chicken pie, Swiss steak and pan gravy, and other delectable specials. With the exception of a few years in the early 1960s, the McNabneys ran this downtown landmark until 1971. It closed under different management a few years later.

Who recalls eating at Cotton’s Village Inn?

Bill Kemp

Bill Kemp

Bill Kemp is the Librarian at the McLean County Museum of History


Stephanie (Probus) Boyd6/30/20 2:40pm

My mother, Judith (Judy Evans) Probus, was a waitress at Village Inn. She often told stories from those days. Mom remembered how many times, the staff would be allowed to take home food left at the end of a night. She also recalled how delicious the food was!

Kathleen Neree Listman2/26/21 7:42pm

I found this site looking for a picture of Cotton’s Village Inn. I lived in Normal in the late sixties/early seventies. I recall always asking to eat there when we went shopping in Bloomington, going into the basement of the building and seeing the rustic murals on the walls. I can’t tell you what dish was my favorite, too distracted by charming environment.

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