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Three Yards and a Cloud of Dust ISNU vs. IWU, November 21, 1936

ISU vs IWU football, 1936.

llinois State Normal and Illinois Wesleyan universities were bitter gridiron rivals going all the way back to 1887. In the 1936 season, the visiting Red Birds (spelled as two words back then) fell to the Titans 18-0 at IWU’s Wilder Field. Seen here is an unidentified Wesleyan runner getting by ISNU defender Edward Lesnick (#13).
The series was disbanded in 1969 due to the increasing imbalance between the two programs, with the Redbirds going 20-3-1 in the rivalry’s final 24 games.

Bill Kemp

Bill Kemp

Bill Kemp is the Librarian at the McLean County Museum of History


Peggy Lesnick, Ph.d, LMFT12/29/19 7:50pm

My dad Ed Lesnick #13 is a WWII veteran, played professional Football in the leather time and the absolute BEST father a girl could have. I lo e you dad! I think of you, of us all the time. Your grandsons Alec and Ed, named after you know you well.

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