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Archive of: Towns -- Saybrook

Beckley-Moots Wedding Saybrook, September 1938

William C. Beckley and Bernadine Cleo Moots of Cropsey ready for their September 3, 1938 wedding at Saybrook Methodist Church.

The couple would go on to have three sons: Harlan, Bryon, and Lelan. William Beckley passed away in November 1994, and Bernadine followed in October 2003.

Three hospitals; three styles of caps June 1958

The distinctive caps worn by graduate nurses at the three Bloomington-Normal hospitals were compared and contrasted during the local Student Nurses Association meeting in June 1958.

Phyllis Fehr (left) of Danvers wears a Mennonite Hospital cap; Lois Welch (center) of Gridley has one from Brokaw Hospital; and Bernice Roth (right) of Saybrook one from St. Joseph’s Hospital.

Saybrook’s last Civil War widow Emma Cook, May 1938

Seen here is 85-year-old Emma Cook, on the porch of her Saybrook home, looking at a portrait of her late husband Riley Cook, a veteran who died in July 1918. Mrs. Cook was the village’s last Civil War widow. She passed away on August 5, 1941.

McLean County Basketball Tournament Championship Game, Jan. 24, 1959

​Gene Durham (22) of Saybrook-Arrowsmith High attempts a layup during the 1959 county tournament championship game.

Gene Durham (22) of Saybrook-Arrowsmith High attempts a layup during the 1959 county tournament championship game. Attempting to thwart the layup is Bill Hutson (20) of Octavia, the consolidated high school in Colfax (the school is known as Ridgeview today). Octavia won 66-58 for its third county title in three years.

Excelsior School -- Cheney’s Grove Township, 1938

Three boys in school constructing a model home, 1938

Excelsior School was one of more than 250 one-room schools in McLean County. Joe and Jack Powell working on the kitchen floor while Gayle Bane looks on.

Village of Saybrook Center Street, 1941

Saybrook street, 1941.

Seen here is a section of downtown Saybrook in the spring of 1941. The view is from the intersection of West Lincoln and South Center streets, looking south down Center Street. The rail line barely visible in the background is the Nickel Plate Road.

Photo of the Week, 74: Red, White and Blue in Sepia

Union Army veteran Gilbert Henderson Bates

Union Army veteran Gilbert Henderson Bates sought, in his own eccentric way, to help heal the sectional wounds of fratricidal bloodletting.

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