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Frank Simpson’s Steers Farmer City, July 1957

Cattle farming, 1957.

Ralph G. Blue (right) and Harold Davis (with clipboard) weigh steers using a scale box. They’re seen here in early July 1957 at Frank Simpson’s feedlot outside of Farmer City in DeWitt County. Two months later, Simpson would host the annual Farm Progress Show, which was held over two days, September 25-26.

Bill Kemp

Bill Kemp

Bill Kemp is the Librarian at the McLean County Museum of History


Phil Hunsberger11/26/20 12:37am

Bill, I’m 71 now but at 17 I came on my own to the 1966 Farm Progress Show at the Frank Simpson farm via a bus from S.W Michigan and walked in the night from the bus stop across the fields to the show site. Guided by the glow of night lights from the show site I walked across fields and unrolled my sleeping bag under a new John Deere 5020 tractor for the night with periods of a soft rain. At 17 it was an event to obviously recall for a lifetime. I have certain visions in my head of that show but of course pictures taking then was not as today. So, do you know of a source for pictures at Frank Simpsons farm in 1966? And does anyone know the property plate number for that event, or street number directions? At 17 the 5020 tractor was one of the flagships of that show and in late August, 2020, I finally bought one, a Nebraska dry weather 5020 Row Crop. I stopped in Farmer City at the elevator on the north side of town with it in route home to S.W. Michigan, in salute to the large farm shows that used to be on real-life working farms. You need not reply unless you know of a picture source, or a written story of that time. Thank you very much. …… Stay Safe …….

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