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WGLT McHistory Series Archive

McHistory: Bloomington-Normal Under Jim Crow Law

Image of Lue Anna Brown Sanders Clark

For Black History month, GLT is reviving its occasional series McHistory in partnership with the McLean County Museum of History. 

McHistory: Bloomington Dramaturge Explored Gender Roles

Rachel Crothers is all but unknown today as America's most successful female playwright.

McHistory: Going to Danvers to Take the Cure

The Hamlet of Danvers once hosted a sanatorium for those struggling with addiction to alcohol.

McHistory: Bloomington Suffragist Lobbies in Springfield

Barbara Egger was a part of a women's suffrage group that lobbied in Springfield in 1909.

McHistory: Experiences in the Spanish American War

In this Black History Month edition of our Sound Ideas recurring series "McHistory," you'll hear from a Spanish Amerian War Soldier from Bloomington who writes home from eastern Cuba.

McHistory: Bloomington Copperhead Ostracized For Pro-Slavery Views

An early Bloomington settler and one time friend of Abe Lincoln was also a southern sympathizer.

McHistory: World War Two in McLean County

In this episode of GLT's recurring series McHistory Morgan writes of World War Two.

McHistory: Winter of Deep Snow

"McHistory" is a co-production of WGLT and the Museum of History using the letters, diaries, and documents of days gone by.

McHistory: Workin' In A Coal Mine

McHistory: Humor In A Governor's Veto From 60 Years Gone By

In this episode of GLT's recurring series "McHistory," we hear about a veto message from a Governor of Illinois more than 60 years ago.

McHistory: Voices Of The Past Come Alive

Here is a story of hooligans, pranks, and University hijinks from the early part of the last century.

McHistory: Civil War Letter Home After Battle

Today's McHistory is about the Civil War Battle of Prairie Grove, Arkansas, which took place December 7th, 1862.

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