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Robert and Marilyn Sutherland -- 2021 History Maker Honorees

During their over five decades in Bloomington-Normal, Bob and Marilyn Sutherland participated in many ways to help make this a better community for everyone, particularly for those who often cannot make their own voices heard.

Barbara Stuart -- 2021 History Maker Honoree

Barbara served for several years as president of the Normal Public Library Board and became the first president of the Friends of the Normal Public Library.

Jerry and Carole Ringer -- 2021 History Maker Honorees

Jerry and Carole’s shared passion for the arts is well-known in the community. Carole says, “(Art) helps to define the quality of life. Even if you are well able to put food on the table, culture is needed for the soul, mind, and spirit.”

On the Square -- Spring 2021

Intern Reflection: Marcel Tworek

Photo of Marcel Tworek

During my time at the museum, I have learned to work with the Past Perfect software that many museums across the country use to help establish a database for their collections....

Intern Reflection: Heather Evert

Through the summer and fall, I’ve been an intern for the museum archive. My task has been to help in identifying and describing German-language materials, and to translate some of them into English, so they can be indexed correctly and be more accessible to users of the archive who don’t read German.

Intern Reflection: Rachael Laing

The first question everyone asks when they find out that I am attending ISU’s graduate program for history is “What specific era do you study?” That’s a lie, the first question is usually “So you want to be a teacher?” The answer to both is – no.

Special invitation to Abraham Lincoln fans

A special invitation from Guy C. Fraker, author of Lincoln's Ladder to the Presidency: The Eighth Judicial Circuit

What a coup for the McLean County Museum of History to have Douglas L. Wilson speak!

He is on any Abraham Lincoln fan's list of top Lincoln scholars in the nation. He is the leading authority on the work of William Herndon, Lincoln's long-time law partner and biographer which dominates any study of Lincoln before the White House.

St. Mary's Church & School Collection

I am Chelsea Pokrzywinski, a first year graduate student at the University of Illinois studying library and information science. With a bachelor’s degree in history from ISU and the goal of working in a library or museum after graduate school, I felt the museum was the best place to learn what archivists do every day. I worked with several collections during my internship in the fall of 2015, but my main project involved the St. Mary’s Church and School Collection.

Intern Reflection: Jim Gass

The Museum may be a repository for McLean County’s history, but it’s hardly the only place where you can observe the past.The Museum is for studying and analyzing history; to see where it came from, one has to search it out

Intern Reflection: Chloe Harkins

My Communications degree program at Illinois State University requires an internship.When I started at ISU last fall I was apprehensive about it. Where would I apply? Would I have time to fit it in with my work schedule? What would I like to do? These questions ran through my noggin' over and over until I realized what I really enjoyed…talking and history.

Intern Reflection: Jack Schuld, Tri-Valley History Fair

Every spring the Museum hosts some of the projects created for the Tri-Valley History Fair.

Intern Reflection: Jack Schuld job at the museum has been to organize the Morrell family collection. The Morrell family are longtime residents of McLean County and their belongings do well to help picture Bloomington through the ages.

Intern Reflection: Jack Schuld, Limitless Horizons

Because of my time spent at the museum, I feel enlightened to the numerous occupations related to history, not just history education. Although I will probably continue to pursue teaching history at the high school level, the stress of questioning the utility of my history degree has all but diminished. I am thankful for what I have gained through the museum: a refreshing perspective, a rewarding feeling, and a fantastic staff of professionals that I can now call my friends.

Volunteer Reflection: Drew Brandau

My first day here I was given the task of making a finding aid for a nearly 100-year-old collection of World War I material, mainly books and military manuals. A finding aid is a typed inventory of the contents of an archival collection, and as such helps researchers and those interested in the collection find their way around the material.

Intern Reflections: Back Room Objects

That had to be my favorite day, as it morphed from handling the objects in the room to having several employees in the museum show me the various archives and vaults that I had yet to see. I clearly didn't understand the scope of the museum collections nor what their accreditation meant for a museum in a city of this size.

Archives Photo Project is Progressive Step Forward for Collection Accessibility

The Archives' photo collection is in the process of becoming more accessible than ever. The Archives Photo Scanning Project, conducted over the last year, will allow people within the Museum to have digital access to most of the photos in the Archives.

A Date with the Museum, by intern Joe Ruskey

As a college student I could not help but notice the lack of involvement from my demographic. Sure, the interns are college students, but college students are typically not the ones visiting the Museum, which is why it's important for them to have a date with the Museum, just as I did. On the first Tuesday of September, from 6 to 8 PM, college students will be able to get free Monical's pizza and free admission to the Museum.

What’s in a Name? Intern reflection by Ashley White

Ashley has become all too familiar with this sight- a page from the 1900 census.

Early on in my internship I began noticing interesting items on the censuses. While many occupations are familiar even today (photographer, dressmaker, tayloress, student), there were plenty of unusual occupations that made me investigate more...

Intern Reflections: Tarra Craig

Tarra Craig

For the longest time the response was, “probably go to grad school." But after taking a Museum Studies class at ISU and completing this internship, my answer has changed to simply “museum work."

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