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Archive of: July, 2014

Photo of the Week, 78: War Clouds Looming

Seen here are Bloomington area Girl Scouts training as blackout and air raid messengers. From left to right: Charlotte Ratcliffe, Isabel Gottschalk, Kay Johnston, and Gloria Sampson.

On November 16, 1941, with the likelihood of American entry into World War II increasing with each passing day, The Pantagraph ran a photo essay on the type of work women should expect come wartime on the home front.

Intern Reflections: Tarra Craig

Tarra Craig

For the longest time the response was, “probably go to grad school." But after taking a Museum Studies class at ISU and completing this internship, my answer has changed to simply “museum work."

Using Technology to Experience History

a visitor takes a photo of the dome with her tablet

Technology has pretty much been integrated into every aspect of our daily lives. Of course, there are times when technology isn't really appropriate. (I would argue that there really is no need for a litter box that flushes.) But, despite what some might say, I think museums across the country are doing an excellent job of figuring out when to incorporate technology, and when to leave history to speak for itself.

Photo of the Week, 77: That's a Hair-raising Experience!

University School of Beauty Culture, located at 417 North Main Street in downtown Bloomington.

The University School of Beauty Culture had opened a year or two earlier before this photo feature, and would remain in business at the same location into the early 1980s. Today, the main tenant at 417 North Main Street is Schertz's MusiCenteR.

Photo of the Week, 76: Stars Come Out for War Bond Luncheon

On September 24, 1942, four visiting entertainers were the main attraction at a “Star Victory” luncheon at the Bloomington Consistory (now the Center for Performing Arts)...

Miller Hatchery Supports War Effort

What do a chicken and a high explosive artillery shell have in common? This sounds like the beginning of a very bad joke, but here in McLean County, they do in fact share something in common!

Important Lessons Learned in a Unique Setting

While conducting a survey in the summer haze of the WGLT concert in downtown Bloomington, I had a conversation with two excited women who had just taken a break from dancing in the street. I asked them, “What would make you visit the McLean County Museum of History again?"

Photo of the Week, 75: Amen and Let's Eat!

Illinois Soldiers' and Sailors' Children's School.  Betsy Ross Cottage, 1955

Established in 1864/1865, the Illinois' Soldiers' Orphans' Home (later renamed ISSCS) was a state-run orphanage in north Normal.

Photo of the Week, 74: Red, White and Blue in Sepia

Union Army veteran Gilbert Henderson Bates

Union Army veteran Gilbert Henderson Bates sought, in his own eccentric way, to help heal the sectional wounds of fratricidal bloodletting.

Recollections of a History Careers Day Camper and Leader

My first year, starting as a camper, I was quite nervous. What if I got bored or I didn't like the staff or worse, the kids wouldn't like me? These pesky concerns remained with me until I stepped foot into the Museum.

McHistory: Bloomington Dramaturge Explored Gender Roles

Rachel Crothers is all but unknown today as America's most successful female playwright.

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