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Sono-Mag Corporation Collection

Processed by: Max Briggs, July 2007


  1. Collection Information
  2. Historical Sketch
  3. Photographs
  4. Scope and Content Note
  5. Box and Folder Inventory
Collection Information

Volume: One box
Dates: 1947-Present
Restrictions: None
Reproduction: Permission to reproduce or publish material in this collection must be obtained in writing from the McLean County Museum of History
Provenance: Gift
Location: Archives

The company has a website: www.sono-mag.com/sonomag

Historical Sketch

William Edison Moulic Sr. and his two sons founded Moulic Specialties in 1945, a company that produced gadgets such as an alarm attached to a radio that would sound in the event of an air raid. At some point the company changed its name to Sono-Mag Corporation and in 1948 formed a subsidiary with Universe Incorporated. The corporation primarily produced automation systems for radio stations. Sono-Mag also made other products, including automated test stands, custom power supplies, military test equipment, ultra-violet air sanitizers, electronic timers, air borne and vibration noise measuring systems, and grain moisture tester controls. 

Currently Sono-Mag Corp./ Universe Inc. has a 33,000 square foot production facility where it can customize virtually any manufacturing project that involves electrical, mechanical, electro-mechanical, metal working, finishing, packing, warehousing and shipping. Sono-Mag has a web site, but as of June 19, 2007 the history section is under construction.  

Scope and Contents Note

The following collection contains several artifacts that explain what the Sono-Mag Corporation does and produces. The majority of the objects are brochures explaining to customers what their options are in the latest technology in automated radio broadcasting. One will also find, while looking through the collection, two of Sono-Mag's competitor's brochures. 

Box and Folder Inventory
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Folder 1: Newspaper Articles (Pantagraph, unless noted)
1.1 "Electronics Their Specialty," June 15, 1947
1.2 Obituary of W.E. Moulic, April 19, 1970
1.3 “Somo-Mag building broadcast system,” July 8, 1981
1.4 “Sono-Mag Corp. ventures into airport lighting,” June 13, 1983
1.5 “Sono-Mag Corp.” June 18, 1984
1.6 “Sounding board,” September 30, 1989
Folder 2: Magazine Articles
2.1 “75 years of magnetic recording,” Wireless World, March 1975: 102-105.
2.2 “75 years of magnetic recording, 2-The dark years” Wireless World, April 1975: 161-164.
2.3 “75 years of magnetic recording, 3-From steel to plastic ” Wireless World, May 1975: 222-225
2.4 “75 years of magnetic recording, 4-The boom years, 1936 to …” Wireless World, June 1975: 283-286
2.5 “The history of the cart machine,” Broadcast Engineering, August 1984: 82-86
Folder 3: Operating Manual
3.1 Operating instructions for AMC product history master copy #1
Folder 4: Brochures
4.1 The Carousel, the Most Widely Used Multiple Cartridge Player
4.2 Model 600 Automatic Programming System, The Digi-Card, 2 versions
4.3 Model 581 Dual Cartridge Time Announcer
4.4 Record Center Units, Models 590R & 592D
4.5 Playback Units & Dual Playback (front and back)
4.6 Digital Computercasting, Digital Programming Automation With Cleartext Logging
4.7 Random Selector Model RSC-50 & Automation Accessories, 2 versions
4.8 Open the Doors to Successful Automation, the All Carousel Mark VII System
4.9 Playback Units, Model 510 mono, Model 512 stereo, (photo on front)
4.10 ESP, Stereo and Mono Automation and Cleartext Logging
4.11 DP-1 Automation, Digital Computercasting
4.12 The SSP 30-60 Sterio and Mono Automation and Cleartext Logging
4.13 Logi-Cart Recorders & Logi-Cart Playbacks, 2 copies
4.14 Time Announcer Control & Dual Cartridge Playback
4.15 MSP-12 Music-Satellite Programmer
4.16 It’s NEW at SMC the latest in instant Play Cartridge Machines, Card Start
4.17 SMC catalogue, 6 pages
4.18 Sono-Mag Corporation brochure, Electronic Facilities, Engineering & Testing, Production Facilities
Folder 5: Patents
5.1 Exhibit 2: April 2, 1963 W. E. Moulic, JR. Amplifying and Oscillating Circuit
5.2 Exhibit 3: December 10, 1963 W. E. Moulic, JR. Magnetic Tape Drive Mechanism and Control Therefor
5.3 Three photos of the mechanisms (copies)
Folder 6: Other Companies
6.1 AUDI-CORD corporation “the best choice and value,” no date.
6.2 “Best Buy” Cartridge Recorders and Reproducers, AUDI-CORD Corp., no date.
6.3 User’s Manual for Cartridge (NAB) Systems, Audi-Cord Corp., 1976.
6.4 “The Incompatible Compatibles,” short paper on NAB Cartridge Systems, by Carl L. Martin, no date.
6.5 “Ten years of improvements are packed inside this machine,” International Tapetronics Corporation , 1983.
Folder 7: Photos
7.1 Individual in radio booth (?) with a Sono-Mag set up
7.2 A unit with carousels and reels
7.3 Monitor, playback unit, keyboard, and printer
7.4 Carousel unit
7.5 Interior of machine, with pocket/label