John Brown Lennon Collection

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Christmas card with John B. Lennon and Juna Lennon (John's first wife).
Located in box 1 folder 1 item 1

Lennon home located at 613 E. Mulberry St. in Bloomington.

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Two boxes; Box 2-flat box
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Scrapbooks and newspaper clippings very brittle. Use photocopies unless authorized by Librarian/Archivist. Must talk to a Librarian/Archivist to obtain copies from the scrapbook in Box 2.
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Donated to the Library and Archives by Duncan Lennon
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See also: Barbara Lennon Collection; Lennon-related objects in Museum collections, see Folder 33: List; People Photograph Collection Lennon

Newspaper clipping from The Christian Herald, November 26, 1913 showing the Commission on Industrial Relations appointed by President Wilson. John B. Lennon is on far right.


Historical Sketch

  John Brown Lennon was born on October 12, 1850. He moved from his hometown to different cities across the United States, including East Aurora, New York and Denver, Colorado. It was not until 1896 that he moved to Bloomington in hopes of building a strong labor front in the Midwest. He resided in Bloomington until his death in 1923. He is buried at Park Hill Cemetery. During his time in Bloomington, he was a prominent labor leader, religious advocate, alcohol prohibitionist and family man. Lennon married his first wife Juna in 1871 and they had one child together. She lived in Bloomington with Lennon where she was very active in the Daughters of the American Revolution and other women's groups. They resided on E. Mulberry St. in Bloomington. After her death in 1919 he quickly remarried a much younger, very close friend of their family, Barbara K. Egger. Egger was a McLean County native who was a teacher for many years and was very active in the community. They had one child together, Duncan, born in 1921 shortly before his father's death. Wife Barbara and son Duncan remained in Bloomington after inheriting his entire estate. Barbara remained in Bloomington as an important part of the town until her death in 1983 (For more information about Barbara Egger Lennon, see companion collection.)

  Lennon served as national treasurer of the American Federation of Labor (AFL) from 1890 to 1917. During his time in the AFL, he fought against the proposed alliance with liquor dealers. Lennon was also the general secretary of the Journeymen Tailors Union of America for about twenty years. He traveled throughout the United States speaking at different conventions and programs to stress the importance of maintaining a strong labor front.

  Lennon was also appointed a delegate to the U.S. Department of Labor's Commission of Conciliation (1914-1920). He also served on the U.S. Commission on Industrial Relations (1917-1918). During this time, Lennon traveled all over the United States for public hearings about private and public employment, efficiency systems and labor, etc.

  Lennon was a participant in the Bloomington community. He was active in Masonic and temperance organizations, and in 1919, he ran unsuccessfully for mayor under the Labor Party ticket. He regularly attended both Presbyterian and Unitarian churches. He believed that the church and labor unions stood together on many issues, such as the abolition of child labor, temperance, racial prejudice and women's suffrage.

Scope and Contents Note

The John Brown Lennon collection contains newspaper articles, personal and professional correspondence, certificates of membership and merit, and published and unpublished written works. The box also contains items from his first marriage, a scrapbook, as well as personal papers. The following is an itemized list of the collection's contents.

Box and Folder Inventory


Folder 1:
John Brown and Juna Lennon
Christmas card from John B. Lennon and Juna J.A. Lennon, 1910
Letter to Juna Lennon from Samuel Gompers about her stamp collection, 1907
Letter to John Brown Lennon: about the death of Juna Lennon from Sister _________, undated
Letter from Laura Dainty Pelham to John Lennon, November 20


Folder 2:
John Brown Lennon's Personal Papers
Personal letterhead
Business cards (4 items)
Book plates, "John Brown Lennon; His Books" (15 items)


Folder 3:
Membership Cards / Certificates
Bloomington Consistory A.A.S.R., 1920-1922 (3 items total)
Ancient Tree & Accepted Masons, 1918-1921 (3 items total)
Mohammed Temple, 1916-1920 (4 items total)
Royal and Select Masters of Illinois, 1919-1921 (2 items)
Royal Arch Masons of Illinois, 1919 (1 item)
The National Jefferson Society, 1916 (1 item)
American Academy of Immortals - East Aurora, NY and The Roycroft Shop lifetime membership receipt - East Aurora, NY, 1900; items on same paper
Ye Twilight Club - New York, 1895


Folder 4:
John Brown Lennon appointment and account books
Oxford Note Book; includes expenses for lunch, dinner, parlor, train tickets, and some day to day activities, 1918
Stenographer's Note Book; includes expenses for lunch and dinner, and day to day activities, 1919-1920


Folder 4B:
Appointment and account books continued
Tri-fold book bound in brown leather; dated 1902, but dated by John Brown Lennon as 1918-1920; contains day to day activities
Thin book bound in leather; undated, contains day to day activities and travel expenses including hotel accommodations, meal prices, and transportation
Book bound in brown leather, undated, includes day to day activities, addresses, and expenses for meals


Folder 5:
Receipt, State of Illinois, 1915
Receipt, State of Illinois, 1904
$1000 receipt from Journeymen Tailors Union of America, 1897
$500 receipt from Journeymen Tailors Union of America, 1899
$300 payment on note and mortgage for the house and lot at 612 E. Mulberry, 1899
$750 check paid to the McLean County Bank of Bloomington, 1903
$22.50 Check to John Brown Lennon, a rebate for a cancelled bond of the American Bonding Co. of Baltimore, August 1, 1910 in envelope with return address label: John B. Lennon Custom Tailors Union


Folder 6:
Income Tax Returns
Individual tax return for John Brown Lennon, 1918
Individual tax return worksheet for John Brown Lennon, 1920 (2 copies)
Individual tax return for John Brown Lennon, 1920


Folder 7:
Christmas Card, from William Green to John B. Lennon, 1922
Post Card/Invitation from Asylum DeMolay Commandery No. 24 Knights Templar, 1902
A passage - "The Pilgrimage" - Associated with The Knights Templar
DeMolay Commandery No. 24, Knights Templar, dues paid and an invitation to the annual report and election of officers, 1922
Rainier Club invitation to the privileges of eh Club House, 1914
Invitation in honor of President and Mrs. Wilson and the Secretary of Labor, undated


Folder 8:
John Brown Lennon and The Brotherhood Teamsters Union
Letter to John Brown Lennon from the Secretary-Treasurer of the United Mine Workers of America regarding money that will be turned over to the teamsters union
John Brown Lennon's personal record of money July 17, July 18, and September 30-from the time it was received to the time it was withdrawn from his account on September 30th to be delivered in Indianapolis on October 1
Check from John Brown Lennon to the Teamsters union in the amount of $35,000 dated October 1, 1903


Folder 9:
Labor Day Carnival Program
Official Labor Day Carnival Under the Auspices of Elgin Trades Council, Elgin, Illinois, John Brown Lennon is the main speaker, 1901


Folder 10:
Randall Hall Association, 1903
Rever House, 1903 (2 copies)


Folder 11:
World's Fair
World's Fair Souvenir booklet, St. Louis, MO, (1903)
Louisiana Purchase Exposition Official Programme Dedication Ceremonies, April 30 and May 1 and 2 1903, 1903


Folder 12:
Admissions Tickets
Bryan and Stevenson Meeting at the Coliseum, Bloomington, IL reception committee ticket
Vice-President's Stage Ticket for William Jennings Bryan Lecture at the Coliseum, Bloomington, IL, March 18, 1907


Folder 13:
New England Arbitration and Peace Congress (Hartford and New Britain, CT) where John Brown Lennon spoke on "Labor's Interest in World Peace," 1910
New England Arbitration and Peace Congress (Hartford, CT) program (2 copies)


Folder 14:
Convention Admission Tickets
Democratic National Convention; Chairman National Committee, special ticket, June 14, 1916
Republican National Convention; Chicago, IL, June 18, 1912 (2 items) Note: See Scrapbook #2 in the Barbara Lennon Collection for more convention tickets


Folder 15:
Letters to John Brown Lennon
Correspondence from E.V. Debs (Eugene V. Debs) to my dear Lennon (John Brown Lennon) dated October 11, 1894, original and photocopy; answering request to speaking in January at a labor convention or party
Correspondence from James Duncan to John B. Lennon dated July 17, 1919; regarding granite cutters, Atlantic City convention, trip to Paris with Samuel Gompers, loss of family members


Folder 16:
Certificate of Nomination
Ben S. Rhodes Chief Clerk of the Board of Elections signed nomination certificate for John B. Lennon as candidate for mayor of Bloomington March 1, 1919 after primary elections held on February 25, 1919


Folder 17:
Newspaper Articles
"Gompers' Name on Roll of Honor," John Brown Lennon on the arrests of Gompers, Morrison, and Mitchell, Daily Bulletin December (?) 1908
"Hon. John Lennon," John Brown Lennon's accomplishments and speech given at the Broadway Theater, October 24, 1916 (no source)
"On War Labor Committee," Lennon appointed by President Wilson to sit on council and assist in the war labor program, January 16, 1918 (no source) (affixed to scrapbook page with 1.17.4)
"Shall the Tailoring Industry be United in One Union," letter to editor on his belief that the clothing and tailor trade should be united into one union, February 17, 1920, (no source) (affixed to scrapbook page with 1.17.3)
"Nominations for Delegate to the A.F. of L. Convention," list of candidates, March 23, 1920, (no source) (affixed to scrapbook page with 1.17.6, 1.17.7, and 1.17.8)
"Lennon to Help Frame New Laws of the Air," John Brown Lennon appointed to board that will draft a proposed act dealing with air navigation and civil aviation in the U.S., October 17, 1919, (no source) (affixed to scrapbook page with 1.17.5, 1.17.7, and 1.17.18)
"President Dinner Guest of Mr. and Mrs. Wilson," John Brown Lennon and wife attend dinner hosted by the secretary of labor for the President, March 20, 1914, Washington Post (affixed to scrapbook page with 1.17.5, 1.17.6, and 1.17.8)
Invitation to Beefsteak Dinner February 24, 1914 (affixed to scrapbook page with 1.17.5, 1.17.6, and 1.17.7)
"J.H. Shaw Voices Glowing Tribute to John B. Lennon," letter to editor from James H. Shaw about John B. Lennon's virtues, January 9, 1923 (no source) (on back of scrapbook page with 1.17.5, 1.17.6, 1.17.7, and 1.17.8)
"Chicago Tribune and Hearst Newspapers Denounced Today," John Brown Lennon speaks against newspaper publication at a meeting of city and county liberty bond workers, no date and no source
"President Held Friend to Labor," John Brown Lennon briefly mentioned at the end of the article for speaking on the aims and work of the trades union, The Leader, no date
"The Unspoken Speech," John Brown Lennon backed the president in the prosecution of war, no date and no source
"Lennon Talked on War Patriotism," letter to the editor from John Brown Lennon about the negative article in the Chicago Tribune that made false statements about Bloomington's Unions, Daily Bulletin, dated September 4, 1917
"All Unions Almalgate or no Amalgamation," letter to the Thomas Sweeney, General Secretary of the Journeymen Tailors Union of America from John Brown Lennon about recognizing the United Garment Workers and the Ladies' Tailor International Union, March 30, 1920, (no source) (affixed to scrapbook page with 1.17.15)
Certificate of donation to election funds, dated 1908 (affixed to scrapbook page with 1.17.14)
"How Time Flies," 75 Years Ago, March 31, 1901, celebrating 8 hour work days
"How Time Flies," 50 Years Ago, February 27, 1912, 100 prominent men to speak at Religious Education Association
"How Time Flies," 50 Years Ago, December 30, 1917, mediator to the Department of Labor


Folder 18:
Bloomington Lodge Annual Reports
Annual Report Bloomington Lodge No. 43 A.F. & A.M., 1920
Annual Report Bloomington Lodge No. 43 A.F. & A.M., 1923; brief mention of the death of John Brown Lennon and the contribution he made to the lodge


Folder 19:
Ads for speeches by John Brown Lennon
Free Lecture; John Brown Lennon to preside and introduce the speaker at Mount Vernon Square Public Library, Tuesday evening, March 31
John Brown Lennon to speak on Social Service, and the "Button Workers Lockout" at the YMCA
Hon. John B. Lennon lecture; subjects -Church and Labor; outside of flier "Men Wanted;" speech held at the Twelfth Street Presbyterian Church


Folder 20:
John Brown Lennon and Liquor
"John B. Lennon: Treasurer American Federation of Labor Bloomington, Illinois; published work on the liquor question, no date (five complete copies, one partial copy)
Handwritten notes on the saloon and it's affect on child labor and education


Folder 21:
Journeymen Tailors' Union of America
Membership books, 1884, and 1894-1922, includes dues paid (6 items)
Souvenir Picturesque Bloomington; Journeymen Tailors' Union of America Convention 1905, includes pictures of buildings in Bloomington and Normal
Journeymen Tailors' Union of America labels
Journeymen Tailors' Union of America official letterhead
Constitution of the Journeymen Tailors' Union of America, 1900
Konstitution der Journeymen Tailors' Union von Amerika, 1904, (German translation)


Folder 22:
JTU of A Publications
"The Tailor," Official Organ of the Journeymen Tailors Union of America, September, 1901
"Proceedings Committee on Law and Audit, J.T.U. of A., August 5, 1901
Handwritten notes, draft of newspaper article (Note: See actual article in scrapbook #2 of the Barbara Lennon Collection - entitled "Four Unions in One")


Folder 23:
Document concerning the retirement of John Brown Lennon from the J.T.U. of A., dated June 21, 1910 and copy (2 items)
Proclamation, John Brown Lennon should turn over the general secretary money to his successor in the amount of $2570.23
Check from John Brown Lennon to Eugene J. Brais in the amount of $2570.23, June 30, 1910
Document stating that the matter of the account balance is closed


Folder 24:
American Federation of Labor Program
Reception and Banquet program, Executive Council, given by the Labor Organization of Denver, includes menu and invited guests


Folder 25:
American Federation of Labor Certificates
American Federation of Labor General Organizer certificate signed by Samuel Gompers, 1889
American Federation of Labor General Organizer certificate signed by Samuel Gompers, 1900
Credential to the Convention of the American Federation of Labor certificate 1920, Montreal, Canada convention
Credential to the Convention of the American Federation of Labor certificate 1921, Denver, Colorado convention


Folder 26:
A.F. of L. Reading
"The Safety of the Future Lies in Organized Labor," Henry D. Lloyd, December 1893
"Revolution, the Evolution of Socialism," Henry Demarest Lloyd, October 1894


Folder 27:
Church & Labor
"To Promote Temperance," no source, no date
"Churchmen and Workers Unite," no source, no date
"Church Audiences Hear Temperance Talk," no source, no date
Correspondence from Reverend Fredrick Bowen of the First Congregational Church to John B. Lennon, dated March 11, 1901; concerning temperance
Speech notes and program for speech, "First Presbyterian Church, Muscatine, Iowa, March 12, 1911
Program Christ Church in Philadelphia, 1914
Correspondence from Edgar DeWitt Jones, the President of the International Convention of Disciples of Christ to John Lennon Brown dated September 13, 1919; concerning speech on "Industrial Democracy" from a labor standpoint
Typed and handwritten speech notes: "Labor and Industry"
Proclamation by the McLean County Ministerial Association expressing their thanks to John Brown Lennon for working against the National Liquor Dealers Association
Speech notes, "Christianity & Industry"


Folder 28:
Department of Labor - Commissioner of Conciliation
Department of Labor of the United States of America Certificate for Meritorious Service in the Division of Conciliation, 1917-1919
Letter from Director of Conciliation _L. Kerwin to John Brown Lennon dated June 3, 1920; concerning certificate
Western Union Telegraph Company card authorizing John B. Lennon, Commissioner of Cinciliation, to use government rate
Postal Telegraph-Cable Co. card authorizing John B. Lennon, Commissioner of Conciliation, Department of Labor, to use the government rate
U.S. Department of Labor Division of Conciliation card appointing John B. Lennon as Commissioner of Conciliation dated February 1, 1918


Folder 29:
United States Commission on Industrial Relations Programs & Reports
Public Hearings; San Francisco, Ball Room, Palace Hotel, August 25 - September 3, 1914 (3 copies)
Public Hearings; Butte, Montana, First Division, Second Judicial District Court, Court House August 6-8, no year (4 copies)
Public Hearings; Los Angeles, Blanchard Hall, September 8 - 15, 1914
Public Hearings; Portland, Oregon, Assembly Hall, Public Library, Aug. 20-22, 1914 (4 copies)
Public Hearings; Chicago, Hotel La Salle, - July 21-25, 1914 (4 copies)
Public Hearings; Manhattan, New York City, City Hall - May 18 - June 12, 1914 (6 copies)
Public Hearings; Manhattan, New York City, City Hall - June 1 - June 12, 1914 (2 copies)
Public Hearings; Manhattan, New York City, City Hall - June 8-June 12, 1914 (3 copies)
Public Hearings; Seattle, WA, Circuit Court Room No. 2, Post Office - August 10-14, no year (3 copies)
Public Hearings on collective bargaining, conciliation, and arbitration; Washington D.C., Shoreham Hotel - April 6-9, 1914
Public Hearings on efficiency systems and labor; Washington D.C., Shoreham Hotel - April 13-15, 1914
First Annual Report of the Commission on Industrial Relations, Washington D.C., (1914), 79 pgs
Final Report of the Commission (1916), 6 pgs


Folder 30:
Work and Findings of the United States Commission on Industrial Relations
Drafts both handwritten and typed versions of report
"United States Commission on Industrial Relations, Washington. Tentative Proposals for Consideration on the Question of Public and Private Employment Offices," no date


Folder 31:
United States Commission on Industrial Relations
Correspondence from Samuel Gompers to John Brown Lennon dated July 13, 1918; concerning appointment as the commissioner of conciliation in the Department of Labor
Correspondence from H.L. Kerwin to John Brown Lennon dated June 17, 1919; concerning request to return home early
Correspondence (telegram) to John Brown Lennon dated May 12, 1920; concerning representation to the Department of Labor on the Joint Army & Navy Board on Aeronautics; letter notifying John Brown Lennon of a meeting in Atlantic City dated September 26, 1919; letter from H.L. Kerwin to J.B. Lennon dated May 10, 1920; memorandum for John B. Lennon from John F. Curry; and draft of "A Bill; to cover Aerial Navigation in the United State and its Dependencies and Between the United States and Foreign Countries" (10 sheets)
"A Bill" (3 sheets)
Copy of correspondence to Hugh L. Kerwin dated October 21, 1919; concerning personnel
Correspondence from H.L. Kerwin to John B. Lennon dated November 20, 1919; concerning enclosure of the proceedings of the "Convention Portant Reglementation De La Navigation Aerienne"
Correspondence from Secretary of War to John B. Lennon dated Octover 10, 1919; concerning a meeting
Memorandum from John Curry (Colonel, A.S.A.) to John B. Lennon dated November 20, 1919; concerning bills to regulate aerial navigation
Correspondence from Allen Sinsheimer to John D. Lennon <sic> dated October 21, 1919; concerning reprints of articles about the automotive industry
Automotive Industries: The Automobile No. 12, September 18, 1919,
Automotive Industries: The Automobile No. 11, September 11, 1919
Automotive Industries: The Automobile No. 8, August 21, 1919
Automotive Industries: The Automobile No. 9, August 28, 1919
"A Single Government Department for All Aeronautics: Recommendation of Crowell Mission After Study of European Conditions," Reprint from Automotive Industries: The Automobile No. 7, August 14, 1919
Automotive Industries: The Automobile No. 10, September 4, 1919


Folder 32:
Memorial/Burial Arrangements/Will
Draft of will, January 1922
Last will and testament; with certificate from probate court declaring Barbara K. Lennon the executor of his will, signed January 24, 1922
Memorial card; John Lennon Died Jan. 17 1923 age 72 years, with a prayer
Memorial Record, booklet including information on floral donations, pall bearers, and time of death
Receipt from John A. Beck Company Undertakers for door flowers, funeral notice in The Pantagraph twice, funeral notice in The Bulletin once, grey casket, 8 dozen chairs, 3 five passenger cars, 1 seven passenger car, 2 five passenger cars for P.B., black hearse, dated May 10, 1919 and marked paid July 1919
Mailing card; receipt from Park Hill Cemetery dated December 1919
Original Deed for a plot at Park Hill Cemetery; Lot no. 41, section D, purchased December 19, 1919
Duplicate Deed for plot


Folder 33:
List of Items for the Lennon Collections; both John Brown Lennon and Barbara Egger Lennon (13 sheets)


Folder 34:
Lennon Collection Background
Letter from Duncan Lennon to Greg Koos, lists some of the items that he will be sending to the museum, tells of a Bloomington resident that is a Egger descendant that has materials concerning Barbara Egger's parents and siblings, December 9, 2 pages
A letter from Duncan Lennon to Greg Koos, talks about items that he will be shipping to the museum about John Brown Lennon and his wife, November 13, 1997, 2 pages
The complexity of a "simple" donation, from the board meeting on December 17, 1997, tells a short background about John Brown Lennon, tells about who is donating the materials (Duncan Lennon), it also gives a detailed process of what happened to the collection once it was at the museum, 2 pages
A letter sent via fax from Patricia Hamilton to Duncan Lennon about the collection, December 20, 1997, 2 pages
McLean County Historical Society Gift Agreement, signed by Patricia Hamilton and Duncan Lennon about the inventories of the Lennon Collection, October 13, 1997
Letter from Duncan Lennon to Greg Koos about the books he sent to the museum, also includes a list of books, December 5, 1997
A list of books donated by Duncan Lennon, including The Tailor, Organized Labor by John Mitchell, The Birth of Freedom by H.B. Salisbury, and many more
A list of other books sent by Duncan Lennon, copy of a hand written list, received November 19, 1997, 2 pages
A list of items sent to the McLean County Historical Society, copy of a hand written list, December 9, 1997, 3 pages
A list of papers and pictures shipped to the McLean County Historical Society by Duncan Lennon, December 9, 1997, 5 pages, 1 typed copy, 2 pages, 1 copy of a hand written list, 3 pages
Project budget for the Lennon Collection, a request of $6000, includes supplies, conservation, binding and repair, and staffing, December 19, 1997, 2 copies, 1 typed and 1 hand written), also includes a fax cover sheet
Letter from Greg Koos to Duncan Lennon, discussing the plans for the collection, November 18, 1997
Comments on the John Brown Lennon and Barbara Eggers Lennon Collection written by Mike Matejka, editor of the Livingston & McLean Counties Union News, tells what the collection contains and the importance of both stories
"M. Lennon Goes to his Reward", article from the Gilroy Advocate about the life of Matthew Lennon, July 23, 1904
Lists of items from Duncan Lennon, including Items Left in Charlotte, 4 pages, Contents of Box, 1 page, To McLean County Historical Society, 7 pages, Books of John B. Lennon, 3 pages, Other Books, 2 pages, Volumes of the Tailor, 2 pages, typed list of John Brown Lennon and Barbara Egger Lennon items, 1 page, October 31, 1997
List of Barbara Egger Lennon Diaries, 1905-1937, 1939,1941, 1943-1956, 1958-1966, 1968, 1971-1974, November 19, 1997
Typed list of items sent to the McLean County Historical Society from Duncan Lennon, 3 pages
Copy of a letter to Kevin ______ from Duncan Lennon, about the unidentified people in some of the photographs of the Barbara Egger Lennon items, December 10, 1997
Letter to Carol Chrisman, Chair of the Hon Sessions Memorial Award Committee, from Greg Koos, about the history of McLean County organized labor and John B. Lennon, December 23, 1997
John Sessions Memorial Award Nomination Form, tells the type of project, personnel involved, description of the project, assessment of the project, and labor contacts, December 19, 1997, 2 pages
Letter to John Sessions Memorial Award Chair and Committee from Mike Matejka, about the relationship between the Bloomington & Normal Trades and Labor Assembly and the McLean County Historical Society, also talks about the proposal of the John B. Lennon Collection, also includes information about what the collection contains, 3 pages
Letters, appraisals, and invoice to Greg Koos and Duncan Lennon from Brian K. Simpson, owner of Babbitt's Books in uptown Normal, lists of the books and what he thinks their values are, total value equals $10,850, 8 pages
John Sessions Memorial Award, information, 3 pages
Letter to the museum from Peter Lennon, about his father sending the Lennon collection to the historical society, June 1, 2003
Email to Peter Lennon from Greg Koos, telling Peter what had so far been done with the collection and future plans, June 1, 2003


Scrapbooks and Miscellaneous
(for additional scrapbooks about John Brown Lennon, see the Barbara Lennon Collection)
Juna Lennon's Daughter of the American Revolution scrapbook: 1893 - 1907
The scrapbook contains newspaper clippings about the Daughters of the American Revolution. It also contains Juna Lennon's receipts for paying her dues and correspondence that was sent to her about the DAR.
Something of Men I Have Known
Written by Adlai E. Stevenson, this was given to John Brown Lennon by Barbara Egger for Christmas in 1909. Inside the note reads: "John B. Lennon, with love and best wishes - from Barbara"
John B. Lennon's Scrapbook: late 1800s to early 1900s
He used a regular book and turned it into a scrapbook. The book is title Report of Board of Mediation and Arbitration. It contains pictures of influential men in the labor industry and mostly newspaper clippings. The clippings are about labor situations, the speeches that Lennon gave and his writings and quotes in the paper. There is also an article about the idea of nominating Lennon as a candidate for state senate in 1900.
"A Token of Esteem"
A book signed by the committee of the Union-Label Trades Department of the American Federation of Labor, January 1, 1912. It was a gift for Lennon, as retiring president of this committee, to show their appreciation for his work.


Scrapbook (approx. 1894 - 1905)
This Scrapbook contains newspaper clippings of John Brown Lennon's work in the labor industry as well as important events that took place. It also contains invitations and correspondence. The scrapbook gives reference to the many different clubs/groups that he was involved in.


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