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Florence Fifer-Bohrer in the Illinois Senate.


Historical Sketch

   Joseph Fifer was born near Staunton, Virginia, in 1840, and moved with his parents to Danvers, Illinois in 1854. His wife, Gertrude (Lewis) Fifer, whom Fifer married in Illinois, was the granddaughter of New York Governor Bradford. Fifer began his political career at age thirty, when he was elected City Attorney of Bloomington. From there he rose in political office until 1888, when he was elected Governor of Illinois (see timeline). During the campaign he was given the nickname "Private Joe", reflecting his Civil War service rank, whereas his opponents were decorated officers. Fifer served as Governor from 1888-1892. He resided in Bloomington the rest of his life, and was a favorite speaker on many occasions up to his death in 1935.
   Joseph and Gertrude Fifer had two children. Herman was an accomplished scholar and athlete, who died at the age of fifty-one. Their daughter Florence (January 24, 1877-1960) was well known by family and friends as a mischievous tomboy who delighted in hopping freight trains and riding her pony into the front hall of the Executive Mansion when her father was Governor. Although playful, she seriously enjoyed listening to her father and his friends debate politics, even at the young age of ten. The Fifers believed that children had a right to freedom of thought, so both Fifer children were outspoken and natural leaders. In her adult years, Florence's strong sense of personal rights would be an important factor in her success as the first woman State Senator, an office she held from 1925-1932, and in her later involvement with human welfare groups. Florence died in Bloomington at the age of eight-three.
   Florence married Jacob Bohrer on May 5, 1898, and had two children; Joseph F. (b. March 30, 1899 d. May 24, 1993 in Bloomington, IL) and Gertrude Ann (b. 1902 in ??. d. February 2, 1945 in ??, IL ). Joseph's youthful friendship with Adlai Stevenson II continued as old family connection with another political family, the Stevensons. Adlai E. Stevenson I, who also called Bloomington home, served as Vice-President of the United States under Grover Cleveland. Adlai II would become Governor of Illinois in 1948, and would run for President in 1952 and 1956. The boyhood friendship between Bohrer and Stevenson carried into adulthood. When Stevenson ran for Governor and President, Joseph Bohrer was a leading source of campaign support in central Illinois. When the gubernatorial race was won, Stevenson appointed Joseph to the Illinois State Teachers' College Board. After Stevenson's second Presidential loss he became involved in foreign politics as a United Nations Ambassador and moved to New York, but the friendship between him and Bohrer remained strong.


Scope and Contents Note
   The Fifer-Bohrer Collection contains papers, books, correspondence and speeches belonging to Joseph Fifer and his grandson, Joseph F. Bohrer. The bulk of the collection consists of correspondence, organized by subject matter and then chronologically. There is a copy of an open letter refuting claims that Joseph Fifer's pension fund was increased because of his government connections, and copies of two Fifer speeches. The first speech, "Governor Fifer's Farewell", was given at the end of his term of office; the second is a speech on apportionment, accompanied by a letter from David Davis IV, stating his appreciation and use of the speech as a supplement to his own arguments on the same subject.


Biographical Timeline of Joseph Wilson Fifer (1840-1935)
Born October 28 at Jennings Gap near Stanton, Virginia
Moves with father's family to McLean County, Illinois
August 10, enlists with brother George in Company C, 33rd Illinois Infantry at Bloomington, Illinois
July 13, severely wounded in battle at Jackson, Mississippi
October 15, musters out of service at Springfield, Illinois
October, matriculates at Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington
June, graduates from Illinois Wesleyan University
Admitted to the bar
Marries Gertrude Lewis of Bloomington
Elected City Attorney of Bloomington
Elected State's Attorney of McLean County
Re-elected State's Attorney
Elected to Illinois State Senate for four-year term
Receives the non de querre "Private Joe", because all his opponents for the Republican nomination for the Governorship of Illinois range in rank from Captain to General
Elected Governor of Illinois, for four-tear term
Receives degree of LL.D. from Illinois Wesleyan University
Appointed member Interstate Commerce Commission by President McKinley
Re-appointed to Interstate Commerce Commission by President Theodore Roosevelt. 1906-Voluntarily resignation, returns to Bloomington and private law practice
Elected Commander of the Illinois Department of the Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.)
Elected delegate to the Illinois Constitutional Convention
Dies in Bloomington, Illinois
(Adapted from "Private Joe" Fifer by James O'Donnell Bennett, Pantagraph Printing & Stationery Co., Bloomington, Illinois, 1936, p.7)


Box and Folder Inventory

Memories of Florence Fifer Bohrer by Judy Brown. Recollections and stories about the personal and political life of Florence Fifer Bohrer who was a social activist and first woman Senator of Illinois.


Folder 1:
Fifer Speeches (1885-1925)
Hon. Joseph W. Fifer: open letter to the Commissioner of Pensions concerning accusations by John C. Black that Fifer's pension increase was granted for political reasons (Apr 26, 1886) -newspaper typescript, 5 pages.
"Governor Fifer's Farewell", speech delivered by Fifer at the conclusion of the inaugural of the new Governor (Jan 1893)-typescript, 2 pages.
David Davis to Joseph Bohrer; letter of presentation of written copy of a speech delivered by Fifer in 1925, with Davis addendum from 1954 (Dec 9, 1960)-typescript, signed by Davis, 1 page.
Joseph Fifer speech on Apportionment (May 19, 1925)-typescript, 13 pages. Addendum by Davis (1954) - typescript, 1 page.


Folder 2:
'Private Joe' Fifer Book Correspondence (1936-1937)
Clarence Darrow to James O"Donnell Bennett (author); praise for book (Jan 8, 1936)-typescript, signed, 1 page.
Frank O. Lowden (former Governor of Illinois) to Bennett; praise for book (Oct 29,1936)-typescript, signed, 1 page.
A. L. Bowen (Director, State of Illinois Department of Public Welfare) to Bennett; praise for book (Nov 4, 1936)-typescript, signed, 1 page.
A. L. Bowen to Fifer; praise for book and best wishes (Nov 4, 1936)-typescript, signed, 2 pages.
Charles S. Deneen (former Governor of Illinois and U.S. Senator) to Mrs. J. A. Bohrer (Florence Fifer Bohrer); thank you and praise for book and father (Fifer) (Nov 17, 1936)-typescript, signed
William N. Hodge (Commander, Department of Illinois Grand Army of the Republic) to Fifer; praise for book (Nov 18, 1936)typescript, signed, 1 page.
Reverend Edgar DeWitt Jones to Fifer; thanks and praise for book (Nov 23, 1936)-typescript, signed, 1 page.
Luois L. Emmerson (Former Governor of Illinois) to Mrs. Florence F. Bohrer; thanks for book (Nov 18,1936)-typescript, signed.
William E. Borah (Senator, Idaho) to Bennett; praise and thanks for book, reminiscences about childhood (Dec 10,1936)-typescript, signed, 1 page.
Charles G. Dawes (Chairman of the Board, City National Bank and Trust Company, former Vice President of the United States) to Bennett; praise for book, reminiscences about Fifer (Jan 4, 1937)-manuscript, signed, 2 pages.
Frank K. Dunn (Illinois Supreme Court Judge) to Mrs. Florence Fifer Bohrer;praise and thanks for book, personal remarks (Jan 6, 1937)-manuscript, signed, 2 pages.
Forrest Crissey (Journalist) to Bennett; praise for book (Feb 20, 1937)-typescript, signed, 1 page.
Bennett to Fifer; information on Forrest Crissey (n.d.)-manuscript notecard.
Carl Vrooman to Fifer; praise of book and casual political discussion (Apr 4, 1937)-typescript, signed, 1 page.
Julia Vrooman to Fifer; thanks and praise for book, personal remarks (Apr 13, 1937)-typescript, signed, 3 pages.
David Warfield to Bennett; thanks and praise for book (May 8, 1937)-manuscript, signed, 3 pages.
Carl Sandburg to Bennett; praises for book (Sep 7, 1937)-typescript copy, 1 page.
Bennett to Fifer; forwarding letters (Sep 25, 1937)-typescript, signed, 1 page.


Folder 3:
Joseph F. Bohrer Personal Correspondence (1948-1965)
Adlai E. Stevenson to Bohrer' Christmas Wishes (Dec 18, 1948)-typescript, signed, 1 page.
Bohrer to Stevenson; condolences on Stevenson divorce (Sep 9, 1949)-manuscript, 1 page.
Stevenson to Bohrer; thank you for condolences (Oct 3, 1949)-typescript, signed, 1 page.
Noble F. Puffer (Director, State of Illinois Department of Registration and Education) to Bohrer; tickets to Michigan-Illinois football game (Oct 25, 1949)-typescript, signed
Stevenson to Bohrer; thanks for birthday wishes (Feb 8, 1950)-typescript, signed, 1 page.
Stevenson to Bohrer; invitation to opening of Legislature and luncheon (Dec 30, 1950)-typescript, signed, 1 page.
Stevenson to Bohrer; thanks for grandfather's (Joseph Fifer) letter (Jun 18, 1951)-typescript, signed, 1 page.
Bohrer to Stevenson; found father's first cousin with same name Stevenson (Jun 17, 1952)-typescript, 1 page.
B___B___ (Administrative Assistant to Bohrer); Stevenson thanks for letter and encouragement (Aug 4, 1952)-typescript, signed by B___B___, 1 page.
Stevenson to Bohrer; get well and come to visit soon (Nov 20, 1952)-typescript, signed, 1 page.
Bohrer to Stevenson; thanks for get well wish, discussion of labor movement (Dec 12, 1952)-typescript, 1 page.
Owen M. Peterson (Department of Speech, DePauw University) to Bohrer; questions on Stevenson's speech training (Mar 10, 1953)-typescript, signed, 1page.
Bohrer to Peterson; response to inquiry on speech training (Mar 16, 1953)-typescript, 1 page.
Stevenson to Bohrer; thanks for get well wishes and Governor Fifer's eloquent words (Apr 22, 1954)-typescript, signed.
John A. Kinneman to Bohrer; thanks for copy of grandfather's(Joseph Fifer) speech (May 4, 1954) -typescript, signed.
Stevenson to Bohrer; thanks for coming to Adlai III's wedding (Jul 4, 1955)-manuscript postcard.
Bohrer to Stevenson; reminiscence of 1925 fishing trip (Jul 6, 1955)-typescript, 1 page.
Stevenson to Bohrer; get well (Nov 7, 1955)-typescript, signed, 1 page.
Behrer to Loring Merwin; Church meeting notes (Apr 24, 1958)-typescript copy with manuscript note from Stevenson
Stevenson to Bohrer; get well and invitation to visit in New York (Feb 14, 1961)-typescript, signed, 1 page.
Ben Keeley (Head, Illinois State Normal University Social Science Department)to Bohrer; please encourage Stevenson to come and speak at University' annual Conference on Public Issues (Mar 7, 1961)-typescript, signed by Ben, 1 page.
Bohrer to Stevenson; encouraging Stevenson to speak at above conference (Mar. 9, 1961)-typescript, 1 page
Bohrer to Stevenson; Christmas wished (Dec.20, 1961)-typescript, 1 page.
Roxane Eberlein (Secretary to Stevenson) to Bohrer; Stevenson thanks for offer of ride (Jan19, 1962)-typescript, 1 page.
Sylvia Fine Kaye to Bohrer; confirmation of attendance at Eleanor Roosevelt Memorial Award dinner honoring Adlai Stevenson (Apr 8, 1965)-Western Union Telegram, 1 page.
Mrs. Danny Kaye to Bohrer; glad you will be attending (Apr 9, 1965)-Western Union Telegram, 1 page.
Hotel Pierre to Bohrer; reserving accommodations (Apr 9, 1965)-Western Union Telegram, 1 page.
Bohrer to Mrs. Kaye; regrets that attendance not possible (n.d.)-manuscript draft, 1 page.
Stenenson; "The Message that was never Sent", Christmas enclosure (n.d.)- note card


Folder 4:
Joseph Bohrer; plans for social gathering (n.d.)-manuscript.
Joseph Bohrer; sketched floor plan of Adlai E. Stevenson house in Libertyville (Jun 1954)-1 page.
Elizabeth Stevenson Ives to Bohrer (?); notes (n.d.)-manuscript, 2 notes.


Folder 5:
Stevenson for Governor Committee Correspondence and Papers
What the Organization Is guide to the Stevenson -for-Governor committee (n.d.)-typescript mimeo, 10 pages
Adlai E. Stevenson to Joseph Bohrer; comments on taxation, downstate campaign support and campaign committee appointments (Mar 18, 1948)-typescript, signed, 1 page.
Stevenson to Bohrer; downstate campaign organization (May 21, 1948)-typescript, signed, 1 page.
Joseph Bohrer to Adlai Stevenson; list of downstate campaign supporters (May 28, 1948)-typescript, manuscript notes, 1 page.
12 signature cards indicating campaign support signed at campaign luncheon.
Manuscript notes of supporters (n.d.)-5 pages.
Volunteer Card-Blank
Julius P. Klemm to Adlai Stevenson; indicating Klemm family support (May 29, 1948)-manuscript, signed, 1 page.
Adlai Stevenson to Joseph Bohrer; thanks for luncheon, report of early statewide campaign support (Jun 4, 1948)-typescript, signed
Paul H. Morrill (Executive Secretary of All-Illinois Stevenson-for-Governor Committee) to Bohrer; list of Bloomington contributors (Jun 30, 1948)-typescript, signed, 2 pages.
Joseph Bohrer to E. D. Lawrence; appointment to Stevenson-for-Governor Committee (Jun 28, 1948)-typescript copy
Lawrence to Joseph Bohrer; declining appointment (Jun 30, 1948)-typescript, signed, 1 page.
Joseph Bohrer to Ralph J. Heffernan (Attorney); add Mrs. Allen Brown's name to Bloomington contributor list (Jul 1, 1948)-typescript, 1 page
Elizabeth Stevenson Ives to Bohrer (?); notice of rally and list of supporters (Jul 7, 1948)-typescript, 1 page.
McLean County Stevenson for Governor Committee; memo asking for contributions for campaign (n.d.)-typescript, 1 page on committee stationery.
copy of above letter with changes (Jul 7, 1948)
Adlai Stevenson to Joseph Bohrer; thank you for funds and help (Aug. 14,
Independent Committee, Stevenson-for-Governor; list of contributors to date (Aug 25, 1948)-typescript, 1 page.
Joseph Bohrer to possible supporter; request for campaign funds (Sep 29, 1948)-typescript copies, each 1 page. To Mr. & Mrs. Henry Burritt, to Miss Florence Funk (manuscript "no reply"), to Mr. Fred Shoup (manuscript "no reply"), to Mr. Will McCullough (manuscript $25.00), to Laurence Rust (manuscript "no reply"), to Morgan Evans (manuscript "no reply"), to Paul G. Anderson, Sr. (manuscript "no reply")
James W. Mulroy (Director of Stevenson-for-Governor Committee) to Mr. C. C. Taylor; status of campaign funds (Oct 4, 1948)-typescript, signed, 1 page
H. W. Burritt (President, Eureka Williams Corporation) to Joseph Bohrer; indicating support of other party (Oct 6, 1948)-typescript, signed, 1 page.
Stevenson-for-Governor McLean County Independent (Non Partisan) Committee; list of contributors and contributions (n.d.)-typescript with manuscript notes, 1 page.
Stevenson to Margaret and Joseph Bohrer; thank you for help (Nov 7, 1948)-typescript, signed, 1 page.
Bohrer to Mulroy; basking in victory, suggestion for State Park signs (Nov 8, 1948)-typescript copy, 1 page.
Mulroy to Bohrer; thanks for suggestion for State Park signs (Nov 26, 1948)-typescript, signed, 1 page.
Stevenson-for-Governor Committee to Bohrer; report of spent campaign funds and request for more financial help (Dec10,1948)-typescript, 1 page.
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale; biographical sketch of Stevenson in preparation for his speaking at the University (Apr 56,1949)-press release, 2 pages.
Bohrer; Stevenson's unlisted Libertyville telephone number, Chicago office telephone number (Nov 11, 1953); list of possible campaign supporters (Sep 23, 1948)-manuscript on paperboard.


Folder 6:
Illinois State Teachers' College Board Correspondence
Bohrer; positions offered (Jan 1, 1949)-manuscript, 1 page.
Stevenson to Bohrer; appointment to Illinois State Teachers' College Board (Mar
R. W. Fairchild (President Illinois State Normal University) to Bohrer; congratulations on appointment and offer of information on Board activities (Mar 23, 1949)-typescript, signed 1 page.
Lawrence E. Irvin (Administrative Assistant) to Bohrer; will consider Robert E. Carbery for employment, notice of news release (Mar 28,1949)-typescript, signed by "Larry", 1 page.
From the Office of the Governor; notice of Bohrer's appointment to Teachers' Board (n.d.)-press release, 1 page.
James W. Mulroy (executive Secretary) to Bohrer; enclosed commission as member of teachers' Board (Apr 11, 1949)-typescript, signed, 1 page.
Noble J. Puffer to Bohrer; formal notification of appointment to Teachers' Board (Jul 28, 1949)-typescript copy, signed, 1 page.
Bohrer to Stevenson; suggestions for better ways to run the Teachers' Board (Jul 28, 1949)-typescript copy, 2 pages
Stevenson to Bohrer; thanks for suggestions (Aug 9, 1949)-typescript, signed, 1page.
Puffer to Bohrer; agreement with suggestions and thank you for positive approach to brainstorming (Aug 15, 1949)-typescript, signed, 1 page.
Bohrer to Puffer; business (Aug 31, 1949)-typescript copy Bohrer to Stevenson;
The Smith-Hughes Act and its impact on the Vocational Education for Agricultural Department of Illinois State Normal University (Feb
Bohrer to Stevenson; continued discussion of Smith-Hughes Act (Mar 22, 1950)-typescript, signed, 2 pages.
Mulroy to Bohrer; continued discussion of Board Action (Mar 30, 1950)-typescript, signed, 1 page.
Stevenson to Bohrer; conclusion of discussion (Apr 19, 1950)-typescript, signed, 1 page.
Bohrer to Stevenson; discussion of faculty morale (May 10, 1950)-typescript copy, 1 page.
Stevenson to Bohrer; appointment to new Teachers' College Board (Jul 30, 1951)-typescript, signed, 1 page.
Bohrer to Stevenson; thanks for appointment, question about dates of term (Aug 1, 1951)-typescript copy, 1 page.
Edward J. Barrett to Bohrer; request $100 fee with oath of office (Aug 2, 1951)-typescript photostat, signed, 1 page.


Folder 7:
Illinois State Normal University Physical Plant (1950-51)
Bohrer to Stevenson; unexpected payments for new dormitories (Jun 28, 1950)-typescript copy, 1 page.
James W. Mulroy (Executive Secretary) to Bohrer; coal orders for Teachers' Colleges (Oct 31, 1950)-typescript, signed, 1 page.
Stevenson to Noble J. Puffer, cc to Bohrer; prospects for new "Old Main" student
Puffer to Stevenson; funds and recommendations for Fell Hall (May 10, 1951)-typescript, 1 page.
T.R. Leth to Puffer; funds acquisition for Fell Hall and Old Main in accordance with the Senate appropriations (May 14, 1951) - typescript, 1 page.
Preliminary Contracts for Fell Hall and Available Appropriations (May 28, 1951)- typescript, 1 page.
Chas. G. Lanphier to Joseph Bohrer; Letter denying the transfer of some funds for the acquisition of more land for Illinois State Normal University expansion (May 30, 1951)- typescript, 2 pages.
Bohrer to Stevenson; Bohrer asking of Stevenson's approval for the funds to be appropriated for the remodeling of the 4th floor of Fell Hall (June 2, 1951)- typescript, 2 pages.


Folder 8:
Stevenson-Bohrer Correspondence (1948-1952)
Bohrer to Stevenson; discussion of John H. Wald as Director of Labor (Nov 18, 1948)-typescript copy, 1 page.
Eugene Hiser to Bohrer; request to Bohrer for help with keeping his brother, Hugh Hiser in the Department of Insurance with Stevenson's help (Dec 17, 1948)-typescript, 1 page
Bohrer to Stevenson; request to not fire Hugh Hiser (Dec 18, 1948)-typescript, 1 page
Stevenson to Bohrer; Stevenson will do what he can (Dec 22, 1948)-typescript, 1 page
Stevenson to Hershey; Stevenson writing to keep Hiser employed (Jan 29, 1948)-typescript, 1 page
Bohrer to Stevenson; Bohrer making sure Hiser is still employed (Sept 10, 1949)-typescript, 1 page
Carol Evans to Bohrer; Stevenson not present but will look into Hiser matter (Sept 12, 1949)-typescript, 1 page
Noble J. Puffer to Stevenson; Request for the reappointment of Richard Dunn to the Teachers College Board (Sept 23, 1949)-typescript, 1 page
Carol Evans to Bohrer; Stevenson requests Bohrer's opinion of Richard Dunn reappointment in confidence (Sept 27, 1949)-typescript, 1 page
Bohrer (n. s.) to Stevenson; Bohrer praises Dunn as able and valued member of the Board and should remain part of it (Sept 29, 1949)-typescript, 1 page.
Carol Evans to Bohrer; Stevenson thanks Bohrer for his helpful letter (Sept 30, 1949)-typescript, 1 page.
Bohrer to Stevenson; Bohrer expressing that neither Dunn nor Williams should be appointed to the Teachers' College Board; no need to replace Puffer yet (Oct 3, 1949)-typescript copy, 2 pages
Unknown to Stevenson; Note about Hugh Hiser being retained (Mar 13, 1950)-typescript, 1 page.
Lawrence E. Irvin to Charles P. Casey; Frank Gillespie being appointed to Hearings Officer in the Division of Motor Carriers (April 26, 1950)-typescript, 1 page
Bohrer to Stevenson; confidential opinions of Teachers' College Board members (Jun 7, 1950)-typescript copy, 2 pages.
Puffer to Stevenson; discussion of appointment of Carl Behr (Jun 15, 1950)-typescript, signed, 2 pages.
Stevenson to Bohrer; confidential request of opinion of Behr (Jun 16, 1950)-typescript, signed, 1 page.
Behr to Puffer; thanks for interest, decision not to apply (Jun 19, 1950)-typescript copy, 1 page.
Bohrer to Stevenson; notification that Behr will not apply for a position (Jun 19, 1950)-typescript copy, 1 page.
Bohrer to Hon. Lawrence Irvin; thanks for help in Gillespie appointment, notification that he will be asking for a reasonable raise to employ a secretary and a typist (Aug 4, 1950)-typescript copy, 1 page.
Bohrer to Carl McGowan; praise of speaking talents of Eric Severeid, (C.B.C. commentator) and request for services for duration of campaign (Jul 28, 1952)-typescript copy, 1 page.


Folder 9:
Stevenson for President, Committee Correspondence (1952)
The Illinois Committee Stevenson for President to Bohrer; thanks for contribution (Feb 29, 1952)-typescript, signed by Walter Johnson and George W. Overton (Co-chairmen), 1 page.
Stevenson to Bohrer; hesitant about Presidential candidacy (Jun 7, 1952)-typescript, signed, 1 page.
Bohrer to Stevenson; congratulations on accepting the candidacy (Jul 26, 1952)-typescript copy, 1 page.
National Committee Stevenson for President to Bohrer; request for campaign funds (n.d.)-typescript form letter, signed by Walter Johnson and George W. Overton (Co-chairmen), 1 page.
Bohrer; "Why Independent Voters Will Vote For Stevenson" (n.d.)-manuscript on yellow legal paper, 2 pages
R. S. Wilson (Professional Engineer); "Some Facts about the Governor, Adlai Stevenson", criticism of Stevenson (n.d.)-typescript, 2 pages.


Folder 10:
Stevenson Speeches
Adlai E. Stevenson. Text of speech given at the Civic Opera House, Chicago, Illinois (Sep 15, 1953)-press release, 9 pages.
Adlai E. Stevenson. "The Political Relevance of Moral Principle", A. Powell Davies Memorial Lecture, delivered in Constitution Hall, Washington D.C. (Jan 18, 1959)-press release, 14 pages.
Carl McGowan. Speech delivered to the Law and Legal Clubs of Chicago at the Adlai E. Stevenson Memorial Event (Mar 11, 1966)-typescript, 24 pages.


Folder 11:
Suez Canal Incident - Newspaper Clippings
Egyptian Independence Timely Newspaper articles 16, 17, 18 in Suez Canal Crisis Series
Daily Pantagraph article about Adali Stevenson on the Suez Canal Crisis April 18, 1955.


Folder 12:
Published Material on Adlai E. Stevenson II (1948-1962)
Newspaper editorial on preference for Stevenson over incumbent Governor Dwight Green (Aug 2, 1948)-1 page.
The Welfare Bulletin; cover photo of Adlai E. Stevenson II, copy of Inaugural Message on page 3 (Jan 1949)
Message of Governor Adlai E. Stevenson to 67th General Assembly (Jan 3, 1952)-booklet, 16 pages
Illinois Democrat: Governor Adlai E. Stevenson Record and Objectives. (Apr 1952)-newsletter, 8 pages.
Newspaper photograph of gathering that surrounded Stevenson as he made a brief speech in Bloomington (Jul 29,1952)-1 page.
AAUN News (American Association for the United Nations); cover photo of Stevenson preparing for address at United Nations Day at the Seattle World's
Bohrer to Stevenson; reminder to look at New Republic (Oct 1, 1962)-typescript copy, 1 page.


Folder 13:
Adlai E. Stevenson II's Death (1965)
Henry P. Chandler to JR; condolences (Jul 15, 1965)-manuscript, signed, 1page.
Otto Kerner (Governor of Illinois ) to Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Bohrer; invitation to Memorial Service for Adlai E. Stevenson at the Capital Rotunda, Springfield (Jul 16, 1965)-Western Union Telegram, 2 pages.
"The Last Full Measure of Devotion"-Itinerary of the Return to Illinois; wake and funeral proceedings for Adlai E. Stevenson
Remembrance Card
Program to Bloomington-Normal Memorial Service
Ned (?) to JB; list of expenses in connection with funeral (n.d.)-manuscript, signed, 1 page.
Carl McGowan to JB; thought on funeral, presenting copy of eulogy (Jul 21, 1965)-typescript, signed 1 page.
Carl McGowan; Eulogy, National Cathedral, Washington
Carol Hardin to JB; concern over headstone (Dec 14, 1965)-manuscript note, with typed transcription


Folder 14:
Stevenson Biographical Queries (1966)
Walter Johnson (University of Chicago Department of History) to Bohrer; request Stevenson letters for research (Feb 21, 1966)-typescript, signed, 1 page.
Bohrer to Johnson; glad to help (Feb 24, 1966)-typescript copy, 1 page.
Johnson to Bohrer;l thanks, returning original letter (Jun 14, 1966))-typescript, signed, 1 page.
Francis S. Nipp (Research Director, The Biography of Adlai E. Stevenson) to Bohrer; thanks for use of papers (Nov 17, 1966)-typescript, signed, 1 page.


Folder 15:
Joseph Fifer?; light brown leather bound ledger (n.d.)
Joseph Fifer?; dark brown leather bound ledger (n.d.)


Folder 16:
Lincoln's Autobiography
Leather-bound book (7 leaves) with gold printed title: Lincoln's Autobiography, bound with a blue ribbon. Contains a facsimile copy of a manuscript autobiography written by Abraham Lincoln for Jesse W. Fell at latter's request.
Affixed inside
Jesse W. Fell to Hon. Joseph M. Fifer; presentation of autobiography as front cover: a gift and token of thanks (Dec 9, 1885?) manuscript letter, signed, 1 page
(Leaf 1)
Jesse W. Fell; preface to autobiography (Mar 20, 1872)-facsimile
(Leaf 2)
Copy of ink portrait of Abraham Lincoln
(Leaves 3, 4, 5)
Abraham Lincoln; autobiography (Dec 1859)-manuscript facsimile, signed A. Lincoln
(Leaf 5, bottom)
David Davis, Lyman Trumbull, and Charles Sumner; signed statement of authenticity of Lincoln's handwriting (Mar 20, 1872)-manuscript facsimile.
(Leaf 6)
Gettysburg Address; facsimile.
(Leaf 7)
Excerpt from Lincoln's last Inaugural Speech, delivered March 4, 1865; facsimile.


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