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Duff Family Collection


Organized by John Dennison
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Historical Sketch

The collection deals almost exclusively with the family of Peter C. and Fannie Duff (1865-?), who lived at 107 W. Poplar in Normal. Peter Duff, a black carpenter, moved from Kentucky to Normal and worked for Jesse Fell. The house on Poplar Street was built by Duff in approximately 1883. After becoming established and prospering, Duff did major renovations on two separate occasions. The Duff family achieved respect in a difficult economic time and placed heavy emphasis on hard work, thrift, and learning. They belonged to 2nd Christian Church on the corner of Linden and Cherry. Peter Duff belonged to the Odd Fellows fraternal organization. There were 6 children in the Duff family: Rollie (1894-1912), Alverta (1885-1968), Ernest, Julia (1895-1984), John Walker (1888-1974?), Jane (1891-1918), and George. The majority of this collection relates to Peter, Alverta, and Julia.

Alverta Duff worked as a housekeeper for Mrs. Lewis Stevenson for many years. She was also a housekeeper for Loring Merwin and Ernest Ives families. Alverta attended public schools in Normal, attended Brown's Business College in Bloomington and was employed as a bookkeeper for Casey Cleaners before her association with the Stevenson family.

All her life Julia Duff attended to public schools in Normal. She attended ISNU for two years and got a teaching certificate in Home Economics. She taught in Tulsa Public High School for 25 years, resigning in 1934. Julia was a matron at Geneva Girls School in Geneva Illinois before coming back to the twin cities. When she returned to Normal, she washed dishes in a cafeteria during summer sessions, and completed her Bachelor of Education degree at ISNU in 1936.

Although a number of immediate members of the family had died by 1920, one or more of Peter Duff's children lived in the home on Poplar Street until about 1980. Julia, the last surviving member of the family, died in 1984. The bulk of the collection dates from 1900 to about 1960.


Possibly 1st configuration of Peter Duff house c.1883-1895. Standing woman on the right is Fannie Walker Duff, next to her is her mother, Julia Anne Hawkins Walker


Alverta Duff Julia Duff


John Duff (standing) with Josephine and Walter Whittaker




Scope and Contents Note

The Duff papers are in 2 boxes. The first box contains genealogical materials, obituaries, and family correspondence, Julia Duff's academic materials (which date chiefly from the 1920's and 30's), certificates achieved by Julia, Jane and T. M. Green, "personal booklets" owned by Julia and Alverta, correspondence with friends dated from 1923 through 1982, Christmas greetings from the Adlai E. Stevenson and Loring Merwin families (both of whom Alverta worked for), and other memorabilia.

Box 2 contains many books, notebooks, and journals. Included is Julia Duff's bachelor's degree, her yearbook, a number of academic notebooks, and many pages of loose notes on subjects such as home economics, psychology, and chemistry. In folders are various legal documents, most of which date to the 1940's and 50's. These materials include real estate tax receipts, insurance policies, and legal correspondence pertaining to the house on Poplar Street and to two houses in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which Alverta Duff apparently owned. The Tulsa homes file also contains a Lease of Rental and a Rental Contract for one of the homes, as well as 13 years of correspondence between Alverta, living in Normal, and Edna Moreland, her agent for the properties in Tulsa. Also included is Alverta's Last Will and Testament, items relating to the estate of Fannie Duff's brother, Thomas Marion Green, cemetery related materials, various account books, and so on.


Box and Folder Inventory

Box 1
Folder 1: Duff Collection Notes
Folder 2: Duff, Julia Interview May 1972
Folder 3: Family Obituaries and Associated Materials
Folder 4: Civil War Discharge
Folder 5: John Walker Duff WW1 Correspondence 1919
Folder 6: Charles Walker Letter 1858
Folder 7: Correspondence with Friends 1941-68
Folder 8: Family Member Certificates
Folder 9: Postcards
Folder 10: Interview- John Dennison
Folder 11: Duff House- John Dennison
Folder 12: Genealogical Records
Folder 13: Peter Duff: Craft as Biography
Folder 14: Invitations
Folder 15: Quilt Patterns
Folder 16: Christmas Greetings
Folder 17: Memorials to Alverta
Folder 18: Newspaper Clippings
Folder 19: Miscellaneous
Folder 20: Miscellaneous II: Ephemera &Recipes
Folder 21: School Letters
Folder 22: Research notes on Vocational Opportunities for Educated African-Americans
Folder 23: Notes on Nutrition
Folder 24: Food Related Booklets
Folder 25: Miscellaneous books and booklets 1942-1943
Folder 26: Booklets Pertaining to School in the South
Folder 27: Food Books
Folder 28: Notes on Social Problems
Folder 29: Notes on Advanced Exposition
Folder 30: Notes on Adolescent Psychology
Folder 31: Notes on Criminality
Folder 32: Notes on Chemistry
Folder 33: Report: The Progress Youngsters Make if their Directors Understand Them
Folder 34: Personal Booklets
Folder 35: Personal Booklets
Folder 36: Personal Booklets


Box 2:
Folder 1: Last Will & Testament of Alverta Duff
Folder 2: Cemetery Related Documents
Folder 3: Record of Earnings 1950 and 1956
Folder 4: State Employees Retirement System
Folder 5: Medical & Life Insurance Materials
Folder 6: Thomas Marion Green Estate. Alverta Duff, Executor
Folder 7: Miscellaneous Legal Materials 1912 to 1981
Folder 8: Duff House Legal
Folder 9: 411 W. Locust Materials 1948-57 & 1952-3
Folder 10: 107 W. Poplar Materials
Folder 11: 107 W. Poplar Materials
Folder 12: Materials Associated with Properties in Tulsa, Oklahoma 1919-1942 (412-414 E. King
Folder 13: Tulsa Property Materials
Folder 14: Tulsa Properties- Boone Plumbing and Heating
Folder 15: Tulsa Properties: Lease of Rental & Rental Contract
Folder 16: Tulsa Miscellaneous
Folder 17: Tulsa Miscellaneous


Box 1

Loose Items:
Alverta Duff Memorial Book
Double Entry Ledger- used to record all purchases, payments for utilities and repairs, land, and so forth. 1963-67

Folder 1: Duff Collection Notes
1.1.1 Letter regarding material in the Duff collection
1.1.2 Old collection finding aid (1987)
1.1.3 Old finding aid & collection notes. In margins specified where the folder was moved to.


Folder 2: Duff, Julia Interview May 1972
1.2.1 Typed copy of interview with Julia Duff by Mabel Henderson (2 copies)
1.2.2 Hand written copy of interview with Julia Duff by Mabel Henderson


Folder 3: Family Obituaries and Associated Materials
1.3.1 Obituary- Alverta Duff (4 copies) and 2 hand-written notes on her life
1.3.2 Obituary- Julia Duff (2 copies)
1.3.3 Obituary- John R. Duff Jr.
1.3.4 Obituary- Henry Duff
1.3.5 Obituary- Fannie Duff
1.3.6 Obituary- John Walker Duff
1.3.5 Sympathy cards
1.3.6 Envelope for Mr. A. C. Young in Evanston Illinois
1.3.7 Obituary- Peter C. Duff
1.3.8 Peter C. Duff notes
1.3.9 Sketch of Duff burial plots - George, Alverta, Julia, Robertson, and Green
1.3.10 Funeral service program
1.3.11 photocopy of Jane Duff's obituary, Peter C. Duff's obituary, Funeral notice of Rollie C. Duff, and card of thanks published in the paper from Peter C. Duff.
1.3.12 Obituary of Mrs. Handy and Jane Duff
1.3.13 Funeral notice for Jane Duff, card of thank from Peter Duff and children, Primary election returns for April 6, 1912, death of Rollie Duff notice


Folder 4: Civil War Discharge
1.4.1 Honorable discharge paper from the Civil War for Isiac Asque (Isaac Escue) and corresponding envelope.


Folder 5: John Walker Duff WW1 Correspondence 1919
There are three letters from Walker Duff from France. They are important letters. One is a response to learning of his father's death, and another is written after learning of his sister's death. He has a nice hand. They are touching letters to his mother.
1.5.1 Enlistment record & Honorable Discharge for John W. Duff
1.5.2 Response letter to Miss Alverta Duff regarding an inquiry concerning John W. Duff
1.5.3 Envelopes addressed to Miss Alverta Duff and Mrs. P.C. Duff at 107 W. Poplar St.
1.5.4 Undated letter from John Duff to his mother, sister, and brother. Stationed in France
1.5.5 March 2, 1919 letter from John Duff to his mother and sister. Stationed in France
1.5.6 Newspaper clipping of letter from John Duff to his mother
1.5.7 April 29, 1919 letter from John Duff in France to his mother
1.5.8 Postcard from John Duff to Mrs. P. C. Duff
1.5.9 Card from John Duff to mother telling her where he is stationed.


Folder 6: Charles Walker Letter 1858
1.6.1 Typed transcription of letter
1.6.2 Original letter from Charles Walker, a servant, to "Master" Green's wife, Nancy Green, requesting her permission to marry Julia Ann Hawkins, another of the Green's servants.


Folder 7: Correspondence with Friends 1941-68
1.7.1 Postcard to Miss Alverta Duff. Enclosed are two photographs of a woman in a bathing suit with a baby.
1.7.2 Sketch of a young boy named Miles. Christmas 1956.
1.7.3 January 23, 1966. Letter from Miriam Webb to Alverta and Julia giving an update on their lives.
1.7.4 October 1946. Postcard from China Town in Los Angeles signed Alice Starr
1.7.5 1959. Letter from Jill Merwin thanking Alverta for the trip diary.
1.7.6 March 20, 1966. Letter from J. E. Hahn to Alverta
1.7.7 August 1962. Letter to Alverta from Mrs. James C. Clow in Snowmass Colorado.
1.7.8 December 1944. Letter from Susan Merwin to Alverta Duff
1.7.9 March 11, 1946. Letter from Susan Merwin to Alverta Duff
1.7.10 Letters from Susan and Jill
1.7.11 1966. Letter to Alverta from Lola
1.7.12 December 16, 1966. Letter to Duff from Viola Rerdef (?)
1.7.13 January 5, 1939. Letter to Miss Duff from Flora Dodge at Illinois State Normal University regarding quilting patters
1.7.14 July 28, 1952. Letter from E. M. Stevenson, M.D. to Miss Alverta Duff stating that she handled her part of the program magnificently and that some of Alverta Duff has surely rubbed off on the Stevenson family and is at least one of the reasons they are where they are today.
1.7.15 September 4, 1964. Letter from E. M. Stevenson, M.D. to Miss Alverta Duff telling about his moth
1.7.16 Letter to Julia from Leora about how sad she is about Alverta and she was without a doubt her best friend. The Duff family meant a lot to Leora.



Folder 8: Family Member Certificates
1.8.1 American Red Cross First Aid Certificate, Jane Duff, January 1905
1.8.2 American Red Cross Elementary Hygiene and Home Care of the Sick Certificate, Jane Duff, January 1905
1.8.3 Envelope from the Railroad Retirement Board addressed to Mr. Thomas Marion Green
1.8.4 Certificate from Pennsylvania Railroad Company for Thomas M. Green
1.8.5 November 1938. Letter from M. E. Lynch of Railroad Retirement Board
1.8.6 February 1939. Letter from General Superintendent Dining Car Service regarding the certificate.
1.8.7 April 1962. Delta Sigma Theta appreciation citation and gift of $100
1.8.8 Certificate of Appreciation to Julia E. Duff from Delta Sigma Theta


Folder 9: Postcards
1.9.1 approx. 37 post cards and 6 post card books from all over the United States.


Folder 10: Interview- John Dennison
1.10.1 Interview by John Dennison with Reginald Whittaker, Peter Duff's nephew. His questions and notes mention a tape - usually in a negative vein. "The tape has stopped again." I know of no existing tape, but Dennison appears to have written the essence of Reggie's answers. (I know it isn't the same as a clear tape, but I want you to be aware that there were some notes taken.)


Folder 11: Duff House- John Dennison
1.11.1 National Register of Historic Places Inventory Nomination Form
1.11.2 2 pieces of writing on why the Duff house deserves to be on the National Register
1.11.3 2 pages of negative photographs of the Duff house interior kitchen and exterior structure
1.11.4 Sketch map of the Duff house
1.11.5 Notes on house structure


Folder 12: Genealogical Records
1.12.1 Note on Duff family
1.12.2 Genealogy family line compiled by Greg Koos
1.12.3 7 copies of list of births from family bible
1.12.4 Family group sheet for Peter C. Duff
1.12.5 Ancestor Chart


Folder 13: Peter Duff: Craft as Biography
1.13.1 2 drafts of Peter Duff: Craft as Biography by Greg Koos and Marcia Young
1.13.2 Paper about the significance of the Duff house
1.13.3 2 photocopies of 1987 Pantagraph article about the Duff family
1.13.4 Photocopy of Peter Duff: Craft as Biography in Material Culture Volume 25, No. 3.


Folder 14: Invitations
1.14.1 Invitation to the Home Economic Faculty dinner for Julia Duff
1.14.2 Note from Mrs. Atkin accepting Mrs. Duff's invitation to dinner at The Village Inn
1.14.3 Note from Mrs. Duff detailing the menu for lunch May 23, 1913.
1.14.4 Invitation to the wedding of Rollin C. Montelius III and Amanda Fell
1.14.5 Alverta Duff's Invitation to High School Graduation 1904
1.14.6 Letter from Allie C. Dwyer in Nashville, Tennessee about graduating from High School
1.14.7 November 22, 1957. Letter to Alverta from Susan regarding her marriage announcement enclosed news clipping
1.14.8 Invitation from Miss Vivian Lavelle Weaver to the Cosmopolitan Club
1.14.9 Invitation to Susan Merwin's wedding to James Culbertson Clow


Folder 15: Quilt Patterns
1.15.1-14 14 cardboard quilt patterns


Folder 16: Christmas Greetings
1.16.1-30 30 Christmas cards from the Loring Merwins


Folder 17: Memorials to Alverta
1.17.1 Sympathy card to Miss Julia Duff for Alverta Duff from Mr. & Mrs. Bill Walkey
1.17.2 Sympathy card stating the establishment of a fund to support heart research via a donation from Mrs. Julius M. Tyler honoring Miss Alverta duff
1.17.3 February 26, 1969. Letter from American Cancer Society to Miss Julia Duff thanking her for her memorial gift check.


Folder 18: Newspaper Clippings
1.18.1 Approximately 57 pages of newspaper clippings (some original, some photocopies) on various topics relating to Adlai Stevenson and family, local athletics, Alverta Duff, recipes, marriage announcements, etc.


Folder 19: Miscellaneous
1.19.1 Citizens Savings & Loan pocket diary
1.19.2 ISNU 1938 booklet of graduates
1.19.3 A Poineer's Centennial booklet about George Mortimer Pullman
1.19.4 The Library ISNU 1934 booklet
1.19.5 Songs of War, Victory and Home issued by the Daily Pantagraph for the encouragement of Community Singing
1.19.6 Key in an envelope that says "Key to this box"
1.19.7 Unsigned Christmas card in blank envelope
1.19.8 Greeting card
1.19.9 Greeting card
1.19.10 Greeting card
1.19.11 Greeting card
1.19.12 5 envelopes
1.19.13 Sloan Royal Flush Valve brochure
1.19.14 Facts about Cancer booklet
1.19.15 US War Ration Book page
1.19.16 Oak Lawn Jockey Club brochure
1.19.17 "Martha's" 25 favorite sausage recipes
1.19.18 "The Negro in our History"
1.19.19 State of Washington Sea Foods brochure
1.19.20 Confirmation certificate for George Thomas Duff
1.19.21 Delta Sigma Theta Sorority dues receipt for Julia Duff
1.19.22 By Laws of Alpha Tau Chapter if Kappa Phi Kappa (3 copies) and a membership card belonging to Julia Duff for Delta Sigma Theta
1.19.23 June 27, 1971. Sermon by Robert W. Youngs, Senior Pastor at Second Presbyterian Church in Bloomington, Illinois. The Angela Davis Case in Perspective
1.19.24 WPA in the Defense of Democracy from the Office of Race Relations
1.19.25 Bloomington-Normal Public Transit System senior citizens reduced fare application Julia Duff
1.19.26 Illinois Health Messenger February 15, 1935
1.19.27 Opera Program March 19 & 20 1929. Tulsa, Oklahoma.
1.19.28 Woodlawn Afrian Methodist Episcopal Church program, April, 1970


Folder 20: Miscellaneous II: Ephemera &Recipes
1.20.1 2 notes
1.20.2 Receipt from 1945 $2.50
1.20.3 US information return for 1967
1.20.4 Post office return receipt for A. Duff Tulsa, OK, 1926
1.20.5 Memorandum of Account
1.20.6 US postal money order receipt
1.20.7 Greyhound ticket
1.20.8 30c. Post stamp
1.20.9 Receipt for domestic insured parcel
1.20.10 Business card for Collegiate Cleaners and Dyers in Chicago
1.20.11 Train tickets Tulsa to Bloomington & St. Louis
1.20.12 Certificate for High School member of the American Junior Red Cross, Nadine Hill
1.20.13 Ticket for Carson Concert Course, Julia Duff
1.20.14 Refund card, Carson Pirie Scott, 43c.
1.20.15 Delta Sigma Theta Sorority annual Jabberwock ticket
1.20.15 Jack's Endurance Party business card
1.20.16 United fund receipt and sticker
1.20.17 Easter 1964 card
1.20.18 Spencer Hotel blank receipts
1.20.19 government printing office notice
1.20.20 20 small pages with recipes
1.20.21 18 pages of torn out recipes, articles, and other food related papers.


Folder 21: School Letters
1.21.1 March 19, 1934 Julia's Resignation from Tulsa Schools
1.21.2 September 12, 1934 letter regarding freshman test tickets


Folder 22: Research notes on Vocational Opportunities for Educated African-Americans
1.22.1 35 pages of notes, charts and graphs, 1935


Folder 23: Notes on Nutrition
1.23.1 Approx. 75 hand written notes on nutrition and the effects of improper diet, 1934


Folder 24: Food Related Booklets
1.24.1 Suggestions for practicing economy
1.24.2 Evaporated Milk for Health and Protection brochure
1.24.3 Brochure from the Evaporated Milk Association
1.24.4 Essentials in Instant Feeding booklet
1.24.5 Planning Lunches for School Children booklet from Evaporated Milk Association
1.24.6 2 copies of 111 tested recipes for serving 25-50 people
1.24.7 Feeding a Family at Low Cost


Folder 25: Miscellaneous books and booklets 1942-1943
1.25.1 Eyes for the Little Worlds: How we see into the tiny invisible universes that thrive on everything we see and touch
1.25.2 Book about all kinds of laundry work
1.25.3 Delta Sigma Theta Jabberwock 1940 booklet
1.25.4 Baby shower invitation
1.25.5 Booklet titled "The Delta Story"
1.25.6 War Work: A Daybook for the Home
1.25.7 Sections of various books and booklets


Folder 26: Booklets Pertaining to School in the South
1.26.1 School Money in Black and White
1.26.2 School directory for Sans Springs, Okla. 1939-1940
1.26.3 Financing Schools in the South, 1930
1.26.4 The South's Negro Teaching Force: A Brief Study


Folder 27: Food Books
1.27.1 Food Notes ISNU Department of Household Science book, 101 pages
1.27.2 Unidentified index to a food book that does not appear to belong to either book in the folder
1.27.3 Unidentified book with recipes and instructions for cooking, approx. 150 pages


Folder 28: Notes on Social Problems
1.28.1 Julia E. Duff hand-written notes


Folder 29: Notes on Advanced Exposition
1.29.1 Julia E. Duff hand-written notes


Folder 30: Notes on Adolescent Psychology
1.30.2 Julia E. Duff hand-written and typed notes on the psychology of high-school aged children


Folder 31: Notes on Criminality
1.31.1 Julia E. Duff hand-written notes on criminality


Folder 32: Notes on Chemistry
1.32.1 Schedule of student work for Geraldine Jackson at Booker T. Washington School
1.33.2 Julia E. Duff hand-written notes on Chemistry


Folder 33: Report: The Progress Youngsters Make if their Directors Understand Them
1.33.1 3 page hand-written report


Folder 34: Personal Booklets
1.34.1 Address book
1.34.2 Pocket-sized address book
1.34.3 Christmas card list booklet


Folder 35: Personal Booklets
1.35.1 Pocket-sized New Testament
1.35.2 Trip diary
1.35.3 Fortune telling birthday book


Folder 36: Personal Booklets
1.36.1 Memorandum containing account information
1.36.2 Notebook dated June 1923, used by Julia for class notes. Pages were later cut out and remainder used by Alverta to keep track of work done for and payments received from the Ives family 1955-57
1.36.3 2 red memorandum books containing records of installations and repairs
1.36.4 Small black notebook containing notes
1.36.5 Journal containing expense records 1934-36, 1938


Box 2: Legal Documents and Academic Books

Loose Items:
Stenographers Note Book- Julia E. Duff September - December 1934 Clearing House Perforated Pad containing hand-written recipes
Small Loose Leaf Notes notepad Julia E. Duff ISNU Yearbook, 1935
Blue binder containing notes on teaching ISNU diploma for Julia E. Duff, 1935
ISNU Plan Book Normal School Pocket Class Record (contains students' grades for Julia's class 1918-1919)
Notes and Drawings notebook The Common Sense Lesson Plans notebook (contains Julia's plans for cooking at BWHS)
Household Science Spring Term Julia E. Duff notebook
Notebook containing notes pertaining to Home Economics
Notebook "Institutional Cookery, Julia E. Duff, Critic- Miss Coith, Winter Term 1915+6"
Notebook "Eighth Grade Cookery Washington High School Julia E Duff"


Folder 1: Last Will & Testament of Alverta Duff
2.1.1 Building record & house value
2.1.2 Last Will & Testament of Alverta Duff


Folder 2: Cemetery Related Documents
2.2.1 May 28. 1952. Check for $75 written to Higgins-Jung-Kleinau Company from Alverta Duff
2.2.2 1909 Checks for expenses of John Duff's funeral
2.2.3 Empty envelope
2.2.4 December 1944. Check for Higgins-Jung-Kleinau Company for $142.80
2.2.5 Checks
2.2.6 Contracts for grave markers


Folder 3: Record of Earnings 1950 and 1956
2.3.1 10 stubs from Benjamin Cooper, Auditor of Public Accounts. 1950 shows her monthly gross salary at $176.00


Folder 4: State Employees Retirement System
2.4.1 Letter from State Employees Retirement System requesting payment of $82
2.4.2 Statements- State Employees Retirement System
John Duff's Annual Earnings State of Illinois stubs show the following earnings:
Year ending June Dollars Month worked
1951 1810 10 months only
1952 2514  
1953 2730  
1954 2784  
1955 2844  
1956 1046 4 months only
1957 3110  
1958 3552  
1959 3803  
1960 4200  
1961 4200  
1962 4440  
1958-1962 she used Box 111 Geneva Illinois as a mailing address.
1951-1956 she used 107 Poplar, Normal, Ill. Also used this in 1962.
2.4.3 July 1962. Letter from Julia Duff to the State Employees Retirement System informing them of her severed employment with the State Training School for Girls at Geneva, Illinois due to her sister's illness.


Folder 5: Medical & Life Insurance Materials
2.5.1 Checks: 1903, 1967- 1971
2.5.2 May 3, 1933. Letter from the National Benefit Life Insurance Company to Julia Duff


Folder 6: Thomas Marion Green Estate. Alverta Duff, Executor
2.6.1 1950 checks and receipts regarding cemetery, Pantagraph, First National Bank of Normal
2.6.2 October 25, 1950. Letter from R. C. DeMange to Miss Alverta Duff regarding opening a checking account for being an executrix
2.6.3 November 1, 1950. Letter from R. C. DeMange to Alverta Duff regarding the estate
2.6.4 July 25, 1951. Letter from R. C. DeMange regarding the estate of Tomoas Green
2.6.5 Letters Testamentary stating Alverta Duff as executor of the estate of Thomas M. Green

Folder 7: Miscellaneous Legal Materials 1912 to 1981
2.7.1 Bill from the Illinois Telephone Company, September 1945. $18.16
2.7.2 Income tax return instructions and associated materials
2.7.3 Receipts: Oertle's Wholesale Distributors & E.M. Stevenson
2.7.4 Note from someone regarding $200 check enclosed & family update
2.7.5 Corn Belt Bank receipt
2.7.6 Check File Card for Eisner Food Stores, Julia Duff. On this she describes herself as a retired teacher from the Board of Education at Tulsa and Sand Springs, Okla.
2.7.7 Envelope for Alverta Duff from Brookshire & Kiper, list of things to do is written on the opposite side
2.7.8 Receipt from Gailey Eye Clinic
2.7.9 Delivery notice /receipt from the post office May 1981
2.7.10 Receipt from ___(faded) Appliance & T.V. $540
2.7.11 Remittance voucher, Third Christian Church $200.00
2.7.12 November 28, 1966. Copy of letter from Julia Duff to Richard Dunn regarding enclosed check for preparing wills.
2.7.13 June 16, 1931. Letter from W. H. Riley Realty Company to Mr. F. H. King regarding broken window cords
2.7.14 January 1970. Photocopy of check from Citizens Savings & Loan to Mr. J. Walker Duff for $105.00
2.7.15 Mostly blank patient history form from Gailey Eye Clinic, LTD. January 1980
2.7.16 July 1947. Letter from Department of Public Welfare informing Julia Duff that she got the position as Cottage Parent at the Illinois State Training School for Girls in Geneva, Illinois. (Note: her salary seems to be less that it was in Sand Springs)
2.7.17 December 1973. Letter from Richard Dunn to Julia Duff regarding charges being removed from telephone bill
2.7.18 July 1974. Letter from the Daily Pantagraph to Julia Duff returning a received check
2.7.19 January 19. 1970. Letter from Illinois Disciples of Christ to Miss Julia Duff regarding sending a check for $200
2.7.20 May 11, 1920. Letter from John A. Beck Company to Mrs. Fannie Duff regarding enclosed statement of account of funeral expenses of Mr. Geo Green. Enclosed statement is included.
2.7.21 1912 check from Mrs. Peter Duff to John A. Beck for $128.50
2.7.22 December 20, 1933 Letter from US Department of Agriculture to Mr. Stevenson regarding the National Benefit Life Insurance Company, with whom Julia E. Duff had a policy.
2.7.23 Receipt from E. Gray Covington, M.D. 1916.
2.7.24 Receipt from E. Gray Covington, M.D. 1917.
2.7.25 September 1939. Letter from Julia E. Duff to Mr. West regarding a letter written previously


Folder 8: Duff House Legal
2.8.1 Photocopy of property deed from Jesse Fell to Peter Duff


Folder 9: 411 W. Locust Materials 1948-57 & 1952-3
2.9.1 "American Favorite Duplicating Rent Recepits"
2.9.2 Receipts from Capen Insurance Agency (1954, 1958) Thomas Green and Alverta Duff
2.9.3 Atlas Assurance Company policy for Thomas Green, 2 copies, June 1951.
2.9.4 Atlas Assurance Company policy for Alverta Duff, 1954


Folder 10: 107 W. Poplar Materials
2.10.1 2 envelopes, one from Dunn, Dunn, Brady, Goebel, Ulbrich & Hayes, and one from Normal Township Assessor's Office
2.10.2 8 checks written to various places from Alverta and Julia in the 1950s
2.10.3 Receipt from the Normal Insurance Agency
2.10.4 Normal township instructions for enclosed forms
2.10.5 Aetna Insurance Company policy for Julia Duff (2)
2.10.6 Check and receipt for Lander Van Gundy Agency, $48.00
2.10.7 Republic Insurance Company Policy for Julia and Alverta Duff
2.10.8 Letter enclosing the policy from Normal Insurance Policy
2.10.9 The Connecticut Fire Insurance Company of Hartford Insurance policies (2)
2.10.10 Globe and Rutgers Fire Insurance Company letter to Miss Alverta Duff


Folder 11: 107 W. Poplar Materials
2.11.1 Real Estate Tax Receipts from 1938-1969


Folder 12: Materials Associated with Properties in Tulsa, Oklahoma (412-414 E. King)
This is a most amazing set of letters. Mrs. Edna Moreland of 2218 N. Quincy Ave. Tulsa, Oklahoma seems to have had the thankless task of collecting the rent and maintaining the properties that Julia owned at 412 and 414 King. It seems like she might have had this task all or most of the time that Julia was working in Geneva. Mrs. Moreland who was a teacher wrote monthly letters to Alverta in Normal. She sent her the money and/or explained that she hadn't been able to collect it yet. Over the years there are complaints about renters not paying and/or being untidy. There are reports of repairs and extra expenses. Mr. West is mentioned for his help at times. There are occasional inquiries about Miss Julia Duff, also. There are some letters from Alverta to Mrs. Moreland (I believe Alverta and Julia sometimes made copies of letters they sent). People mentioned in passing in one or another letters include Maude Holt, Jesse Lee, J. C. Latimer, Leroy Brewer, Luther M. Brown, Att. Franklin, B.K. Boone Plumbing.
2.12.1 Nov. 18, 1957. Moreland mentioned receiving a card from Mr. West who was traveling in France.
2.12.2 October 18 1957
2.12.3 Sept. 12, 1957. Moreland is teaching at Charles S. Johnson School.
2.12.4 Aug. 3, 1957. Moreland reported that Attorney Franklin had suffered a stroke. John Hope had
  Been down in Tulsa
2.12.5 July 5, 1957.
2.12.6 May 10, 1957. Moreland mentioned KKK cross burning and multiple murders that have recently occurred.
2.12.7 April 10, 1957
2.12.8 March 11, 1957
2.12.9 Feb. 10, 1957
2.12.10 January 9, 1957
2.12.11 December 12, 1956
2.12.12 October 31, 1955
2.12.13 October 2, 1955
2.12.14 Sept. 9, 1955. Alverta wrote to Moreland in regard to her own poor health. "(Julia) doesn't want me to die alone. Yet both of us can't take to the old rocking chair yet."
2.12.15 July 31, 1955
2.12.16 June 21, 1955
2.12.17 September 6, 1955
2.12.18 June 10, 1955, letter from Alverta
2.12.19 May 25, 1955
2.12.20 April 17, 1955. Mentioned $10.00 paid to J.T.A. West for hauling trash.
2.12.21 March 18. 1955
2.12.22 March 15, 1955 Mrs. Moreland suggested that Mr. West be dropped a note of thanks.
2.12.23 Nov. 15, 1954. From Alverta to Mrs. Moreland. Mentioned Julia came home for the weekend.
2.12.24 November 23, 1954
2.12.25 Oct. 18, 1954. "Tell (Duff) that I'm teaching in the room that she taught in. Only difference is that I have 7 morons."
2.12.26 October 5, 1954
2.12.27 September 20. 1954
2.12.28 August 29, 1954, to Miss Duff from Betty Jeanne Ingram
2.12.29 July 29, 1954, to Mrs Mooreland from Alverta, possibly. Talks about raising rent
2.12.30 July 20. 1954.
2.12.31 July 2, 1954.
2.12.32 May 26, 1954.
2.12.33 April 20, 1954
2.12.34 February 16, 1954
2.12.35 January 14, 1954
2.12.36 November 19, 1953
2.12.37 October 31, 1953. Mentioned that Art Franklin wrote to one of the tenants.
2.12.38 September 14, 1953
2.12.39 August 18, 1953
2.12.40 July 14, 1953
2.12.41 June 25, 1953
2.12.42 June 12, 1953
2.12.43 Receipt from the Idea Shop
2.12.44 May 21, 1953
2.12.45 March 17, 1953
2.12.46 January31, 1953
2.12.47 February 13, 1953
2.12.48 January 19, 1953
2.12.49 December 16, 1962
2.12.50 November 19, 1952
2.12.51 October 20, 1952
2.12.52 September 14, 1952
2.12.53 August 15, 1952
2.12.54 July 15, 1952
2.12.55 June 11, 1952
2.12.56 May 19, 1952
2.12.57 April 19, 1952
2.12.58 March 16, 1952
2.12.59 February 16, 1952
2.12.60 January 11, 1952
2.12.61 December 20, 1951
2.12.62 November 19, 1951
2.12.63 September 18, 1951
2.12.64 September 16, 1951
2.12.65 August 3, 1951
2.12.66 August 21, 1951
2.12.67 July 16, 1951
2.12.68 June 13, 1951
2.12.69 May 16, 1951
2.12.70 February 18, 1950
2.12.71 April 11, 1951
2.12.72 March 15, 1951
2.12.73 February 16, 1951
2.12.74 January 14, 1951
2.12.75 December 14, 1950
2.12.76 December 22, 1950
2.12.77 October 20, 1950
2.12.78 August 11, 1950
2.12.79 September 15, 1950
2.12.80 May 18, 1950


Folder 13: Tulsa Property Materials
2.13.1 Specifications for a three room frame house for Miss Julia E. Duff
Letters from Edna Mooreland
2.13.2 September 7, 1959
2.13.3 February 17, 1959
2.13.4 April 6, 1959
2.13.5 April 24, 1959
2.13.6 June 12, 1959. Moreland wrote, "Hope you have heard from Miss J. Duff."
2.13.7 June 6, 1959
2.13.8 June 16 1959
2.13.9 June 26, 1956
2.13.10 August 11, 1959
2.13.11 July 15, 1959
2.13.12 December 16, 1958
2.13.13 November 19, 1958
2.13.14 October 21, 1959. Moreland wrote, "Att. Franklin's son-in-law prepared papers for new renter."
2.13.15 September 19, 1958. Moreland wrote, "Hope Miss Julia's bones are not acting up too much."
2.13.16 August 18, 1958
2.13.17 July 21, 1958
2.13.18 June 20, 1958
2.13.19 May 5, 1958
2.13.20 April 15, 1958. Moreland wrote, "Mr. West's brother John passed away."
2.13.21 March 13, 1958
2.13.22 January 8, 1958
2.13.23 Thank-you card from Edna Mooreland
2.13.24 ISNU department of social science
2.13.25 December 25, 1961
2.13.26 Receipt from water tank repair
2.13.27 April 5, 1962
2.13.28 February 6, 1962
2.13.29 Conditional Sales Contract
2.13.30 January 17, 1962
2.13.31 January 9, 1962
2.13.32 December 7, 1961
2.13.33 October 12, 1961
2.13.34 September 12, 1961
2.13.35 August 17, 1961
2.13.36 July 11, 1961
2.13.37 June 15, 1961
2.13.38 May 9, 1961
2.13.39 April 18, 1961
2.13.40 March 9, 1961
2.13.41 February 10, 1961
2.13.42 January 14, 1961
2.13.43 December 14, 1960. Moreland's letter had a letterhead that read "Booker T. Washington School. Sand Springs, Okla."
2.13.44 November 18, 1960
2.13.45 October 17, 1960
2.13.46 September 12, 1960
2.13.47 July 14, 1960
2.13.48 June 8, 1960
2.13.49 May 9, 1960
2.13.50 April 8, 1960
2.13.51 March 18, 1960
2.13.52 February 10, 1960
2.13.53 January 14, 1960
2.13.54 December 9, 1959
2.13.55 November 15, 1959
2.13.56 October 8, 1959
2.13.57 August 5, 1969 Letter from Julia E. Duff to the Law Offices of Jones & Jones regarding statement for professional services
2.13.58 August 26, 1969 Letter from Julia E. Duff to Jones & Jones regarding finding someone to purchase properties & illness


Folder 14: Tulsa Properties- Boone Plumbing and Heating
2.14.1 Various receipts and checks from Boone Plumbing and Heating


Folder 15: Tulsa Properties: Lease of Rental & Rental Contract
2.15.1 Lease of Rental, 412 E. King 1958
2.15.2 Rental Contract, 412 E. King 1956


Folder 16: Tulsa Miscellaneous
This folder includes Julia'a address at 319 Haskell St. in 1933.
2.16.1 Tax receipts for 1956 and 55 107 W. Poplar and 414 King
2.16.2 October 1950 Letter to Rent Control Board from J. E. Duff
2.16.3 Henshaw Lumber receipt
2.16.4 October 14, 1950 letter from Edna Mooreland
2.16.5 Letter from Julia Duff to Mrs. Davis in Tulsa, OK December 1950
2.16.6 Various addressed empty envelopes
2.16.7 Receipt from Office of County Treasurer $136.17, $93.59,
2.16.8 Receipt and check for Commissioner of Finance and Revenue in Tulsa
2.16.9 Financial notes
2.16.10 Cherry Plumbing Company receipt
2.16.11 Advalorem Tax receipt
2.16.12 October 22, 1945 Letter from Tulsa County Treasurer Office regarding property tax
2.16.13 July 31, 1953 letter from J.C. Latimer regarding roof contracts
2.16.14 November 16, 1953 letter to J. C. Latimer with a check enclosed
2.16.15 June 1957 letter to Mrs. Duff regarding properties in Tulsa
2.16.16 June 1957 letter from Bettye Jean Latimer to Alverta Duff
2.16.17 September 1, 1935. Letter to Mrs.Duff from James West
2.16.18 Undated letter Mr. West
2.16.19 Undated letter to Jobie from Julia
2.16.20 notes about furnace
2.16.21 Class program
2.16.22 Cherry Plumbing company receipt $270
2.16.23 letter from Claude L. Rogers & Co regarding insurance on the properties in Tulsa
2.16.24 Gulf Insurance Company policy


Folder 17: Tulsa Miscellaneous
2.17.1 Approximately 50 checks written to various people and businesses. Multiple kinds of checks ar present including Sands Springs State Bank as early as 1937 and as late as 1942, Fourth National of Tulsa in 1938, and Producers Bank, Tulsa in 1928
2.17.2 Annual tax receipts from 1927-1950
2.17.3 12 blank "Notice to Quit for Non-Payment of Rent" forms, and one filled out to Mrs. Elizabeth Carr


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