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Imagine a Central Illinois family visiting the Museum during a quick weekend getaway. As they arrive on the front steps of the Museum, they admire the historic architecture and walk past colorful flowerbeds and beautiful oak trees. Their children climb on the Lincoln bench and pose for a picture just before they enter the Museum ready to explore local history.


Install a new landscape plan to create a more appropriate frame for the magnificent architecture of the Museum and create an inviting atmosphere for visitors

Professional Plan — With a new design by Francois Associates Architects LLC,the Museum will feature a rejuvenated landscape to better frame the American Renaissance architecture of our building.

Plants — The design includes a mix of plants including some native to McLean County such as the Burr Oak.

Vivid Color — The lawn will be restored and each corner of the square will feature a large bed of colorful annual flowers.

Enhancing the visitor experience . . .

The Museum’s architecture is the initial attraction for 30 percent of visitors, and landscaping is an extension of that. A revitalized exterior will enhance the visitor experience, boost public perception of the Museum and foster a beautiful downtown aesthetic

Your commitment is needed to extend the Museum’s legacy of excellence . . .

For more than a century, the Museum has successfully used artifacts and stories of past people to connect different generations and reflect on our heritage of hopes, triumphs and failures.

Your support will dramatically enhance our ability to continue this mission. With increasingly diverse audiences and fundamental changes in 21st century learning, we must strive together in the present to preserve the past in order to shape the future.

Help us ensure that the heritage of McLean County will continue to play a vital role in community life.

For Landscape Enhancement

Plant Material                                
Labor (donated)                                       

landscape design

view of the Museum from State Farm