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Special invitation to Abraham Lincoln fans

A special invitation from Guy C. Fraker, author of Lincoln's Ladder to the Presidency: The Eighth Judicial Circuit

What a coup for the McLean County Museum of History to have Douglas L. Wilson speak!

He is on any Abraham Lincoln fan's list of top Lincoln scholars in the nation. He is the leading authority on the work of William Herndon, Lincoln's long-time law partner and biographer which dominates any study of Lincoln before the White House.

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'Making a Home’ exhibit begins new era for Museum

The new

Who are the people who have made McLean County their home? Where did they come from and how did they get here? What did they experience after they arrived?

On Monday, January 18, 2016 the McLean County Museum of History unveiled the new exhibit, "Making A Home", that will help answer these questions. This exhibit is the first in a series of five galleries to open that will eventually make up the larger permanent exhibit "Challenges, Choices, and Change: The People of McLean County."

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Written by Torii Moré in Museum News
Written by Beth Whisman in Museum News

Executive Director Greg Koos to retire after 39 years of leadership, preservation, vision

Greg Koos began his career with the Museum in 1977. He plans to retire in March next year.

As the McLean County Museum of History prepares for major exhibit and technology changes that usher in a new era of teaching and promoting local history, the man who -- working with his mentor Barbara Dunbar -- transformed the McLean County Historical Society’s operations into a nationally accredited museum has announced his plans to retire.

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Written by Beth Whisman in Museum News Exhibits Collection Highlights

The Tilbury Flash on display at Central Illinois Regional Airport

The Tilbury Flash is hanging above the passenger side waiting area of the CIRA terminal.

The McLean County Museum of History’s largest artifact, the Tilbury Flash racing plane, has officially arrived at the Central Illinois Regional Airport terminal.

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Written by Beth Whisman in Museum News Event Spotlight

Merlin Kennedy, 2015 McLean County History Maker

Merlin Kennedy

The local story of the American Civil Rights Movement cannot be told without a chapter on Merlin Kennedy. His unique style of leadership and bold demonstrations against segregation made national headlines as the nation struggled to redefine race relations.

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Written by Beth Whisman in Museum News

Peg and John Kirk, 2015 McLean County History Makers

John and Peg Kirk

The first scene of Peg and John Kirk's enduring love story would start in the fifth grade. John loved Peg. Peg was annoyed.

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Written by Torii Moré in Museum News

Using Technology to Experience History

a visitor takes a photo of the dome with her tablet

Technology has pretty much been integrated into every aspect of our daily lives. Of course, there are times when technology isn't really appropriate. (I would argue that there really is no need for a litter box that flushes.) But, despite what some might say, I think museums across the country are doing an excellent job of figuring out when to incorporate technology, and when to leave history to speak for itself.

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Written by Callie VanAntwerp in Museum News Volunteer and Intern Bloggers

A Short Introduction

Callie VanAntwerp

Meet MCMH's new summer volunteer blogger.

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